Does My Homeowner’s Insurance In North Carolina Cover Foundation Problems?

North Carolina has a lot to offer its residents. There are several metropolitan cities within this southeastern state that feature high-end restaurants, shopping centers, museums, and art galleries. There are some gorgeous Atlantic beaches and there is also the Great Smoky Mountains.

When you search for homeowners insurance, you want to make sure it is going to protect against anything and everything – including a sinking foundation. Not all policies are the same and you have to read the fine print. Otherwise, a claim could be denied and the repairs would be your responsibility.

A home inspection is likely going to be required when you buy homeowner’s insurance to ensure there are no foundation problems to begin with. If you already have a porch, it will be included. Otherwise, you would have to call and add the presence of a porch once it was added. The reason is because the insurance company would have to adjust what you do and don’t have.

If you were to file a claim on insurance for a sinking foundation and you had failed to disclose the fact that you have a porch, the foundation repairs may be covered, but the porch would be excluded because it wasn’t included within your policy.

You want the best for your home in North Carolina and therefore you have to be mindful of what your homeowner’s insurance does and doesn’t include. Our agents can work with you to find a coverage that includes anything and everything you want it to include. This goes for damages against fire, break-ins, storms, flooding, and much more.

Don’t try and buy home insurance without some kind of assistance. We have professional agents who can talk to you about the requirements in North Carolina and ensure you have a high level of protection on your home.