Why Life Insurance Needs to Be a Part of Your Financial Portfolio

It is not uncommon for many people to overlook the value that life insurance can provide, not just as a protection for their families but also as a strong tool in their financial portfolios. Life insurance is appropriate for both individual and commercial insurance holders and can work to bolster the overall financial health of families and business interests. It is typically looked at as a way to protect one’s family in the event of their death; while this is the main benefit of life insurance, there are many more.

A whole life policy can potentially increase in value throughout the years thus creating an additional source of capital suitable for financing a college education, weddings, and other expensive life events. There are many different types of life insurance policies that are available that serve many different needs. There are certain life insurance policies that can also provide beneficial tax treatment to their holders and their families. In the commercial area, an insurance policy taken out of key personnel can help to minimize the effects of business interruptions that can occur with the loss of such employees and partners. Do not overlook this effective tool when you are putting your financial portfolio in place.

JC Demo Insurance Group, Inc. is proud to serve the insurance needs of the fine people in the greater Matthews, NC area, and we look forward to working with you too! If you are in need of personal or commercial insurance, we are here to help. If you are a resident of the greater Matthews, NC area and would like to know more about how life insurance can be an integral part of your financial portfolio, give  JC Demo Insurance Group, Inc. a call today!


Does Your Business Require Commercial Insurance?

The joy of having a successful business in North Carolina is fantastic. As you plan to expand the business to other cities, keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances such as the acts of God, lawsuits, theft, and fire can cause devastating consequences. JC Demo Insurance Group Inc. works with NC business community to manage such risks by providing commercial insurance coverage. 

If you are wondering if your business requires coverage, here is why:

Catastrophic Strikes
Unless your business is immune, you need commercial insurance. Catastrophes such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and fire strike when we least expect. Many companies have been closed forever due to such occurrences. 

Required by Law
If you have employees in your company, you are legally obliged to provide specific insurance covers. Some of them include workers compensation, disability coverage, and unemployment. Failure to have may lead to hefty fines, exclusion from most contracts and civil charges which are costly to bear.

Getting Sued 
We cannot shun the fact that we exist in a litigious society. One lawsuit can be devastating for your business. You may unknowingly cause an accident, breach a contract or disgruntle an employee and the next thing is appearing in court and boom, your business folds because of settlement and legal fees. 

Shows Credibility 
Let us be honest with each other. Business is a safe bet. The best way to showcase your safety, dedication, and care to your prospective customers or client is by having commercial insurance for your company. They will partner with your happily knowing that you have their back.

Attracts Employees 
Employees look beyond what meets the eye when looking for a job.  While you are protecting your business, they are also looking out for their interest. It’s all part of life. With commercial insurance, they know their interests are protected which helps you retain them once employed.  

Does your business require commercial insurance? Get in touch with JC Demo Insurance Group Inc. proudly serving North Carolina residents. 

Home insurance coverage options

Having a home means so much to each person. It gives one a sense of belonging and at the same time it is a place where memories are created and shared. So, losing a home can be very devastating especially if you had no other plans. Wondering how you can lose your home? Well, there are various scenarios such as damage caused by floods, hurricanes, storm, and theft among more. You need to be prepared for such unforeseen risks.

JC Demo Insurance Group is an insurance company which has been serving the people of Matthews, NC, for a while. We have had experience dealing with various scenarios, and that has equipped us with knowledge of what homeowners are most interested in. Therefore, if you have decided to buy a home insurance cover but are wondering which coverage to invest in; worry no more. We are here to guide and serve you depending on your needs.

Here are some of our coverage options which you can choose from.

Property Coverage

Your home is a private place. It is where you keep your most important items. Therefore, you need to protect it by all means. We as the JC Demo Insurance Group cover all the expenses and costs associated with property loss or damage. So, if such a scenario happens, you can be sure that you and your family will be safe.

Liability Coverage

As long as someone is on your property, the court assumes that he or she is your responsibility. Therefore, if unfortunately a neighbor or a friend gets into an accident such as falling on the stairs, you are required to cover any medical expenses. If you have no savings, such scenarios can leave financially devastated. On the other hand, with liability coverage, all the risks are taken care of even that of your pets affecting a neighbor.

Additional Expenses Coverage

In case your home is destroyed, you will be forced to move out of your house for a period till it is repaired. At such moments, you may have to live in a hotel, and the expenses can be quite high. So, additional expense coverage takes care of such issues.

Matthews, NC, JC Demo Insurance Group, is here to guide you through all the coverage options in detail. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for more information.


Latest Car Safety Features

Cars have come a long way in terms of safety, which means the number of deadly accidents has decreased tremendously throughout the years. The latest safety features range from automatic braking to apps specially designed to keep your hands on the steering wheel. Although you still have to have insurance from a company like JC Demo Insurance Group, serving Matthews, NC, and the surrounding area, these technological advances keep you safe and will prevent your premium from rising from an accident. 

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control helps correct issues like understeering and oversteering. Understeering happens when the car continues to move forward without turning as a result of the tires not having enough traction. On the other hand, stability control also helps with issues like oversteering when the car turns farther than a driver intended, ultimately resulting in the rear wheels sliding. Electronic stability control is ideal for new drivers. 

Apps for Driving 

While you’re encouraged not to use your phone while driving, there are apps that can assist you while you’re driving. Two apps, in particular, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allow people to easily access their entertainment, navigation, texting and calling features on their phones through voice commands while they drive. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control utilizes sensors to scan the road ahead and automatically adjust the car’s speed if the car in front slows down. When the road becomes clear ahead, the car’s speed adjusts back to normal automatically.  

Blind Spot Monitor 

Blind spot monitors sense cars in your blind spot. An icon will light up if a car comes into your blind spot. If you try to change lanes or turn on your turn signal, the car warns you with an audible alert. 

Forward Collision Warning 

A forward collision warning uses radar, lasers, and cameras to detect vehicles in front of the vehicle and alerts the driver if they are going to fast. Vibrations or an audible warning get the driver’s attention back on the road. 

These safety features among others will keep you safe, but just in case an accident occurs, JC Demo Insurance Group, serving Matthews, NC and the surrounding area, can assist. Contact us today at 704-541-5155 to get a quote for auto insurance. 



Commercial Insurance for Trucks

Whether you own one truck that delivers goods to the local area or you have a fleet that distributes supplies throughout the country, you’ll need to have those trucks protected with commercial insurance. Driving a delivery truck or semi-tractor trailer can introduce a variety of dangers to other vehicles on the road. If one of your drivers causes an accident, you should have the appropriate amount of insurance to cover the cost of medical bills, lawyer’s fees, vehicle repairs, and other costly incidentals.

Where Should You Start?

When shopping around for commercial truck insurance, start with independent insurance agents like JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC. Their professional agents can help provide you with a variety of carriers and insurance options. As experts, they can offer you advice based on your company’s needs, driving radius, and the number of trucks you own.

Types of Coverage

  • General Liability Insurance – protects you from liability claims that may include bodily injury and property damage as a result of an accident.
  • Physical Damage – gives you protection against damages that you may incur because of a collision, theft, or vandalism.
  • Cargo Coverage – protects the cargo you’re hauling that may be damaged or stolen.
  • Non-Trucking Liability – protects you when the driver is operating the truck for personal use.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

According to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, businesses must have a specified amount of liability insurance for their trucks depending on their weight. If your commercial truck hauls non-hazardous materials and weights 10,000 or more pounds, then you must maintain a minimum liability of $750,000.

It is important to know what type of coverage you will need for your commercial vehicles. Contact the independent insurance agents in Matthews, NC at JC Demo Insurance Group today to receive information concerning commercial truck policies.

The history of Life Insurance

JC Demo Insurance Group  serving Matthews, NC is proud of its lineage serving the community with Life Insurance. Life insurance is something everyone knows about, some even feel you have to die to win. But Life Insurance isn’t a modern idea.

The rudiments of insurance go back to ancient history. If one family’s house gets destroyed, the neighbors are commit rebuild it. When a woman was widowed with children, the unmarried men in her husband’s family were bound by honor to marry and protect her

The first methods of transferring  risk and compensation in a monetary fashion occurred in the 3rd millennia BC by Chinese and Babylonian. Ancient Persia annual gifts from the various ethnic groups were given to the Persian monarchs to ensure protection and physical safety.

In 600 BC, he Greeks and Romans introduced the roots of health and life insurance by creating guilds called "benevolent societies." These guild cared for the families of deceased members. In Genoa in the 14th century, there were insurance pools backed by pledges of landed estates. In the early 19th century, Insurance became more complex and started setting the tone for insurance as investment.

In Colonial America in 1732, the first insurance company began in Charles Town (modern-day Charleston), South Carolina in 1732. Benjamin Franklin counseled that the  standard the practice of insurance should be adopted. 

So, over the years, various kinds of property and life insurance have ebbed and flowed in the history of man, for the protection of the living. You don’t have to die to win. Now with some of the more modern versions of life insurance, there can even be an investment arm.

Come in and see the folks at JC Demo Insurance Group  serving Matthews, NC

How the Stages of Life Affect Life Insurance Needs

Life insurance coverage needs to consider the stage of the life of a person. Insurance needs will be different when a person is younger, unmarried, and just starting out, when compared to an older person with a family, or an elderly adult when all their children have grown. There are many different kinds of life insurance that can be used for protection and to build long-term value. Ask your agent at JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC to explain the various options that include: 

  • Whole Life – This type of life insurance is an investment. Over time it builds cash-value.
  • Term Life – This type of life insurance protects those loved ones left behind when someone dies.
  • Universal Life – This is a kind of hybrid between whole life and term life. Ask your agent for the specifics.
  • Mortgage Term Life – This is a special kind of life insurance that pays off the mortgage on a home if the insured person dies.

It is important to  note that there are options for coverage that can combine life insurance with disability insurance to give benefits to a person who becomes permanently disabled and does not die. 

Early Years

It is a natural thing for young people to think that they will live for a long time and therefore have no need for life insurance. However, the really smart ones see the low rates for life insurance when they are young as an investment that will help them in the future. 

Family Years

It almost goes without saying that life insurance is a critical component for protection of those that have a family.

Sunset Years

Life insurance needs may diminish as people get older because their children have life insurance of their own and they no longer rely on their parents. Some policies that have built cash value can be used for retirement funds.

The best thing to do is to develop a long-standing relationship with your agent at JC Demo Insurance Group serving Matthews, NC and the surrounding areas. Your agent can give you advice about how to plan for your life insurance needs for the different stages of life.

Who Needs Commercial Insurance?

Owning a business is a dream for many people. When you do own a business, there are many decisions that you will have to make, one of which is picking the right type of insurance. For those that are in the Matthews, NC area, one type of insurance that may be needed for a small business owner is commercial insurance. There are several types of people that will need to have commercial insurance in particular.  

Those that Own Real Estate

The first type of business owner that will need to have commercial insurance is one that owns real estate. If you own a commercial real estate property, even if it is leased to a different business, you will need to have a commercial insurance policy. This will be able to provide you with commercial property insurance too repair or replace the property in the event it is damaged.

Those with Liability Potential

If your business has the potential to be found liable for an injury to another party, then you definitely need commercial insurance. A commercial insurance policy will typically provide you with liability insurance as well. This is especially important if you are in an industry that produces food or other consumer products, all of which have some potential to cause harm.


If your business is large enough to have employees, then you definitely need commercial insurance for workers compensation. Workers compensation will provide you with insurance in the event your employee is injured while they’re at work.

For those that are in the Matthews, NC area and are confused about their commercial insurance needs, reaching out to JC Demo Insurance Group would be a great option. The JC Demo Insurance Group can help anyone to better assess and determine their commercial insurance needs and can even provide a free quote for the right policy.  

Can I Cancel Home Insurance if I Have a Loan on My Home?

Home insurance can be costly each month but it can also help to cover the damages that may occur to your home. For those that have a mortgage on their home, though it is not required by law, home insurance is something that is vital to being able to take out a loan. For those that live in the Matthews, NC area, the agents with JC Demo Insurance Group can help you to find the right home policy for you.

So the question is do you have to have insurance on a home that you have a loan out on. Put simply, yes. Most loan agencies are not going to offer you any sort of loan or mortgage if you do not hold a home insurance policy on the residence or property that you are trying to insure. The reason for this is that there is no way to recoup losses for the bank or other lending agency should it become damaged or destroyed if there is no home policy present.

The bank or other lending agency is going to work to make sure that they have their bases covered and that they can get their money back, even if the home is completely destroyed and therefore cannot be sold to get their money back. Many home loan agencies and banks will not extend a mortgage or a loan on a home or against the value of a home without there being a satisfactory home insurance policy in place. In many cases, if you get a mortgage without home insurance or without providing home insurance proof to your lending agency they will take out a policy on your home and charge you the premiums each month to pay for it.

If you live in the Matthews, NC area, the agents with JC Demo Insurance Group can help you find the right home policy.

How Will Auto Insurance Help Me If I Get Injured?

Since North Carolina is an at-fault state, your medical coverage will come from the other driver’s insurance if you were the victim. However, it is also a contributory negligence state, so you have to be 100 percent the victim in order to be covered. If there is proof that something was faulty in your driving, you may not have all of your medical expenses covered. Since it is a complicated matter, you should consult with an insurance expert in Matthews, NC (like JC Demo Insurance Group).

Medical Payments Coverage

If the other driver is fully at fault, then their insurance will give you medical payments coverage. This type of coverage will be able to pay for your copays and deductibles from your medical insurance. Necessary treatments that your insurance does not cover may also be covered. Even if you are without health insurance, MPC will pay your bills. If the other driver does not have auto insurance, which is illegal, they will still be legally required to pay your bills.

What You Should Never Do After An Accident

  •   Do not apologize and brush the incident off. You need to go through the proper routine of having the authorities involved and swapping insurance information. If you allow the driver to get away, they can then accuse you of causing the accident.
  • Do not accept any cash settlements outside of court.
  • Do not attempt to move injured persons until the authorities arrive.

Since the legal system can be tricky in this state, you should have an expert help you when making a claim. If you within the Matthews, NC area, consult with JC Demo Insurance Group to help you learn about medical claims with auto insurance.