Independent Insurance Agents Play An Important Role When Buying Insurance

There is no reason to try and get Insurance on your own. Independent insurance agents know how to help you find the right policy. They will navigate through the different insurance companies on your behalf. They don’t work for a specific company and therefore can tell you which companies have the best deals. It can be difficult to compare policies, though they will do so for you, making it easier for you to purchase a policy with confidence.

Ultimately, you need to have an advocate who is looking out for you and your needs. It is difficult to get this on the Internet because you are left to your own devices. Insurance companies may make recommendations, but you don’t know whether it is best for them or best for you.

Insurance agents want to do right by you. They also have the knowledge to help you every step of the way. They know all about the different companies, the coverage levels, and where the best discounts are. This all works to your advantage because you can be comfortable knowing that you are choosing the best policy.

It can be dangerous to enter the insurance industry on your own because you simply don’t know what you are getting. You could be getting coverage that is not sufficient enough, which could cost you a lot of money out-of-pocket if there is ever a problem with your car, house, or anything else.

Insurance agents play an important role, and they have been around for a long time, regardless of what “experts” say. Agents are constantly on the forefront of trends, helping their customers.

Call and talk to our independent insurance agents today and JC Demo Insurance Group. Our agents can guide you into the best policies in Matthews, North Carolina and save you money with comparison quotes.



Tips for Buying a Car as a Present in Matthews, NC

Chances are you’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping for the holidays. If you really want to go big this holiday, you should consider buying a car as a present for a loved one. Unfortunately, buying a car as a present isn’t as easy as it is often portrayed. Here are a few tips that will help you buy a car as a present in Matthews, NC.


When it comes to buying a car as a present, there is quite a bit of paperwork involved. You need to put the title for the car in the recipient’s name. Chances are you already purchased the vehicle in your own name. Therefore, you need to fill out paperwork to transfer the title. You can refer to North Carolina’s Department of Transportation for more information about this process. However, if you plan on giving the car to your loved one at the dealership, you may be able to put the car in the recipient’s name to begin with. This will allow you to skip the process of transferring the title to the recipient.

You also need to have the vehicle registered with the Department of Transportation. There must also be an auto insurance policy for the car that meets North Carolina’s minimum requirements. JC Demo Insurance Group is one example of an auto insurance company that services North Carolina and may be able to meet your needs. 


You also want to keep finances in mind when it comes to buying a car as a present is finances. For example, you might have to pay a federal gift tax for the car. The cost of auto insurance should also be kept in mind. Therefore, it is a good idea to get an auto insurance quote from the JC Demo Insurance Group before you purchase the vehicle as a present to ensure that you make an affordable choice.