How Long Should Life Insurance Terms Be

People in Matthews, NC are living longer than they ever have before. The most recent analysis of life expectancy calculated by the state of North Carolina has shown that the average person in Matthews, NC is expected to live to be 80 years old.

Better health care, advances in disease prevention, new medicines, more attention to healthier living, exercise, and living in a great part of the country are considered to be contributors to the increase in long life.

At JC Demo Insurance Group we feel that a longer life makes life insurance more important. The length of the terms of a life insurance policy is not as important as the aim of the policy. The terms of any policy should be determined by the reason that a person has for taking out the life insurance policy.

Naturally, age does play a part in the decision about how long life insurance terms should be. We would never think to give a 70-year-old a 40-year term. This is unethical and illegal.

Our view of life insurance is asset protection. The term should be long enough to guarantee that your survivors are provided for financially. Everything that you worked to give your family should be covered and paid for so that your family does not have to worry about money if you die unexpectedly.

JC Demo Insurance Group has been helping people make decisions about how long life insurance terms should be for over 20 years.

We offer our clients an advantage because we are an independent agency. We have relationships with the best life insurance companies in the country. This allows our clients to pick the coverage that best suits their aims. We provide experienced personalized help through each step of the process. Your peace of mind is our goal.

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What Businesses Require More than Standard Commercial Insurance in Matthews, NC?

Basic commercial insurance covers property, liability and workers’ compensation. Yet, if you work in the housing, construction or demo business, you need an insurance policy that covers incidents specific to your industry. Your JC Demo Insurance Group agent can provide more information about the types of coverage that would benefit your Matthews, NC business. In the meantime, here is a primary of the types of policies available beyond basic commercial insurance.

Additional Commercial Insurance Coverage

Property Insurance covers losses to real or personal property. Boiler and Machinery Insurance, or "equipment breakdown," covers the breakdown of boilers, related coverage can be written to include debris removal after a fire or flood, glass insurance, and other industry-specific coverages. Talk to your JC Demo Insurance Group to find out what coverage would best protect your business. Meanwhile, business Interruption Insurance reimburses lost income or expenses caused by property damage and loss.

Ordinance or Law Insurance has you covered for costs associated with demolishing and rebuild for a partially destroyed building. (Usually 50 percent coverage) Tenant’s Insurance provides the coverage required by commercial lease agreements. 

Crime Insurance reimburses your business for loss due to theft, burglary, and robbery, and Fidelity Bonds pay for losses caused by a bonded employee’s theft of business assets. Errors and omissions insurance protects your business from damages awarded for mistakes that cause injury to another person. Meanwhile, malpractice insurance covers injuries to third parties when it’s determined the level of care fell below industry standards. Also, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance-covers the legal of lawsuits filed against directors and officers.

Commercial automobile policies cover your business fleet of vans, trucks, and cars, while Workers’ Compensation Insurance-pays for an employee’s on-the-job injuries. 

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