Matthews, NC: Life Insurance Myths You Need to be Aware Of

For those who are thinking about investing in life insurance, it is imperative to review all of the available policies. And while millions of policies are available, it becomes much simpler to narrow down the most appropriate ones by speaking with a qualified agent. Depending on your current and predicted future circumstances, you will be able to find a policy that both meets your needs and is affordable. While in the process of buying a life insurance plan, make sure you don’t fall for these myths. 

Myth #1: Term life insurance is better than whole life insurance

In all actuality, more whole life insurance policies pay out than term plans; however, for many people, a term life insurance plan is the best one to invest in because of their specific life insurance needs. If you are in need of life insurance only for a predetermined number of years, then a term life insurance policy will be best for you. If you know that you need a life insurance policy to pay out no matter when you become deceased, then perhaps a whole life insurance plan will work better. 

Myth #2: Life insurance costs too much money

The premiums that you pay for life insurance will be influenced by many factors, including your health; however, keep in mind that no matter your pre-existing conditions, life insurance is still available, and most people find that the younger they are when they purchase a policy, the more affordable their rates are. 

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Let Your Insurance Agent Know You’re Married — You May Qualify for Discounts

Getting married is big news, and there are lots of people to tell. One of the people you should be sure to share the good news with is your insurance agent. You’ll have to update your information with them, and they may be able to find you discounts after your wedding.

Insurance Companies Need Your Updated Information

It’s important to update your information with insurance companies soon after you’re married. Insurers need to know if your name, address, or other personal information change for two reasons. First, they need to know how to contact you. Second, your policies are legal documents and need to be filled out accurately.

You can easily notify your insurer of any changed information by contacting your insurance agent. They’ll know what changes in your personal information are important, and they can update documents as needed.

Insurance Agents Might Find You Discounts

When speaking with an insurance, you might learn that you qualify for new discounts now that you’re married. Insurers offer many different types of discounts. When your situation in life changes, which ones you qualify for may change. For instance, after you’re married, your agent might be able to get you and your spouse a multi-policy discount. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know which discounts you qualify for, which is another reason why you should talk to an agent after getting married.

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