Home insurance coverage options

Having a home means so much to each person. It gives one a sense of belonging and at the same time it is a place where memories are created and shared. So, losing a home can be very devastating especially if you had no other plans. Wondering how you can lose your home? Well, there are various scenarios such as damage caused by floods, hurricanes, storm, and theft among more. You need to be prepared for such unforeseen risks.

JC Demo Insurance Group is an insurance company which has been serving the people of Matthews, NC, for a while. We have had experience dealing with various scenarios, and that has equipped us with knowledge of what homeowners are most interested in. Therefore, if you have decided to buy a home insurance cover but are wondering which coverage to invest in; worry no more. We are here to guide and serve you depending on your needs.

Here are some of our coverage options which you can choose from.

Property Coverage

Your home is a private place. It is where you keep your most important items. Therefore, you need to protect it by all means. We as the JC Demo Insurance Group cover all the expenses and costs associated with property loss or damage. So, if such a scenario happens, you can be sure that you and your family will be safe.

Liability Coverage

As long as someone is on your property, the court assumes that he or she is your responsibility. Therefore, if unfortunately a neighbor or a friend gets into an accident such as falling on the stairs, you are required to cover any medical expenses. If you have no savings, such scenarios can leave financially devastated. On the other hand, with liability coverage, all the risks are taken care of even that of your pets affecting a neighbor.

Additional Expenses Coverage

In case your home is destroyed, you will be forced to move out of your house for a period till it is repaired. At such moments, you may have to live in a hotel, and the expenses can be quite high. So, additional expense coverage takes care of such issues.

Matthews, NC, JC Demo Insurance Group, is here to guide you through all the coverage options in detail. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for more information.


Latest Car Safety Features

Cars have come a long way in terms of safety, which means the number of deadly accidents has decreased tremendously throughout the years. The latest safety features range from automatic braking to apps specially designed to keep your hands on the steering wheel. Although you still have to have insurance from a company like JC Demo Insurance Group, serving Matthews, NC, and the surrounding area, these technological advances keep you safe and will prevent your premium from rising from an accident. 

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control helps correct issues like understeering and oversteering. Understeering happens when the car continues to move forward without turning as a result of the tires not having enough traction. On the other hand, stability control also helps with issues like oversteering when the car turns farther than a driver intended, ultimately resulting in the rear wheels sliding. Electronic stability control is ideal for new drivers. 

Apps for Driving 

While you’re encouraged not to use your phone while driving, there are apps that can assist you while you’re driving. Two apps, in particular, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allow people to easily access their entertainment, navigation, texting and calling features on their phones through voice commands while they drive. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control utilizes sensors to scan the road ahead and automatically adjust the car’s speed if the car in front slows down. When the road becomes clear ahead, the car’s speed adjusts back to normal automatically.  

Blind Spot Monitor 

Blind spot monitors sense cars in your blind spot. An icon will light up if a car comes into your blind spot. If you try to change lanes or turn on your turn signal, the car warns you with an audible alert. 

Forward Collision Warning 

A forward collision warning uses radar, lasers, and cameras to detect vehicles in front of the vehicle and alerts the driver if they are going to fast. Vibrations or an audible warning get the driver’s attention back on the road. 

These safety features among others will keep you safe, but just in case an accident occurs, JC Demo Insurance Group, serving Matthews, NC and the surrounding area, can assist. Contact us today at 704-541-5155 to get a quote for auto insurance.