How Term Life Insurance Works

When you want a life insurance policy to take care of your loved ones when you’re gone, you’ll have some choices to make. There are two types of insurance that you can pick. Each has its special benefits that could be right for your situation. One of the types is called whole life insurance. This is a policy that you keep for the rest of your life. The other type is called term life insurance. This works in a specified period. When it’s time for life insurance, contact us at JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC.

Active for a Term

Term life is called this because it stays active for a stated term. The policy will have in it how many years it will stay good. If you don’t pass away during that period, which may be 10 or 20 years, etc., the policy will expire. Once it has expired, you no longer have a life insurance policy. Some people don’t want to choose this type because it does eventually expire. However, this type of policy comes with a very useful benefit. 

Saving Money 

A term life insurance policy costs much less than the other type of life insurance. It’s often inexpensive, making it a good choice if your budget is small. If you lack money and need life insurance, this policy may be ideal. In many cases, it’s the only affordable option. Many people who can’t afford a whole life policy appreciate having their term life policy. 

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Update Your Commercial Insurance After A Renovation

Renovating your business may require modifications to your commercial insurance policy. Use the following tips to guide you in updating your coverage.

A List Of Updates

Walk through your place of business and prepare a list of updates. Our JC Demo Insurance Group agents help small and large business owners update existing policies.

The agent who is assigned to you will need to know about the renovations that have been completed. Your list should include the materials that were used and the value of each item that has been added to your business. This information will help the agent determine the amount of coverage you need.

A Consultation

Before you change your insurance policy, meet with one of our agents. During the consultation, you can review your existing policy.

You will also be able to ask questions about the coverage you seek. An agent will ensure that all the upgrades at your place of business are documented in the new policy.

The Claims Process

One of our agents in Matthews, NC will outline the insurance claims process. If a theft occurs at your place of business, you will need to file a claim.

If damage occurs on your commercial property, you will also need to file a claim. Filing a claim is the preliminary step you will need to take to receive funding for repairs.

Some Final Words

You can contact one of our agents who serve Matthews, NC, whenever you have a question about an existing insurance policy. At JC Demo Insurance Group, our agents help clients who own small and large businesses.