Recognizing Fender Bender Fraud

Fraudulent car insurance claims start with an individual trying to obtain money by staging an accident. These incidences can increase your insurance rates, add blemishes to your driving record, and cause you to lose lots of money. Before shelling out thousands of dollars to a criminal, you should know how to recognize fender bender fraud and be prepared if it happens to you.

The Swoop and Squat

In busy traffic, at a traffic signal, or at an onramp, a driver will swoop in front of you and then stop. Rear-ending someone is usually that person’s fault even if the other driver did the wrong thing. You should look out for people who want to squeeze between you and the car in front of you. It is safer to just let them in and slow down.

The Phantom Victim

You are in a car accident and someone that was not in the accident files a claim with your insurance company. That person claims that they were a passenger in one of the vehicles that was hit. They also say they have injuries that need financial retribution. To avoid this, you should gather the names of all of the passengers in each vehicle, if possible.

The Sideswipe

You are in the inner lane of a two-lane left turn. You slightly drift into the far lane as you turn and the outside lane driver hits you on purpose. They can claim that you were at fault because you were not in your lane. Be vigilant and avoid drivers who are speeding in the turning lanes.

JC Demo Insurance Group understands the damage a fraudulent insurance claim can have on innocent victims. If you suspect you are the target of a staged accident, the agents at JC Demo Insurance Group can offer advice and answer questions. They can also search for policy quotes for new insurance coverage and existing policyholders.

Why You Need Home Insurance in Matthews, North Carolina

For those who have purchased a home in Matthews, North Carolina, it is critical to have homeowner’s insurance. Beyond it being a requirement by law, the more insurance you have in general, the better protected you are from the unexpected. While some people opt not to have insurance for certain things in their lives, your home is something that you don’t have nearly as much control over, and if something catastrophic and unexpected happens to it, the cost of repairs can bankrupt you. Below are some details about why you need home insurance in this suburb of Charlotte.


North Carolina is prone to hurricanes every year as they roll off the coast of Africa and form over the Atlantic Ocean, regularly crashing into Florida, the Carolinas and the rest of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Many of these hurricanes don’t hit with full strength, meaning only a limited amount of damage is done to people’s homes that are in their pathway of destruction. If your home happens to be one of these homes, however, it can be incredibly costly. Also, there’s the chance a major hurricane does hit the state squarely, causing mass destruction. This is when homeowner’s insurance for hurricanes and flooding is an absolute must.


As much of North Carolina is wooded, and Matthews is in a relatively suburban and green part of the Charlotte area, fires can be an issue. Without homeowner’s insurance, if your home catches on fire due to natural causes or something catching fire inside your house due to human or mechanical error, you’ll be left homeless when the smoke clears. No one can predict when a fire will happen, but homeowner’s insurance will ensure you are protected.


While Matthews is a very safe suburb, there is still the chance of your home being broken into since there are a lot of people in the area around Matthews in general. Home owner’s insurance will also protect your belongings on this front, though it will be cheaper with an alarm system installed.

For an insurance company that serves the Matthews, North Carolina area try JC Demo Insurance Group for all your homeowner insurance needs.