The Importance of Keeping It Local

With the rapidly increasing population of Monroe, NC in the past 10-15 years, many businesses here have enjoyed significant growth. Homes have been built, businesses opened, and infrastructure improved. It has been an exciting time for this area, and not one without it challenges.

It has been nice to witness this growth, especially when other areas of the country have not fared so well. It stresses the importance of doing business locally. This doesn’t just mean consumers either. Sure we all want our businesses filled with locals supporting our companies, but as businesses we can benefit from supporting each other as well.

It’s why we encourage individuals and businesses to do the lion’s share of your business locally. As we grow as a community, we can all participate in that growth. Working with local businesses doesn’t necessarily mean paying more. Many of our commercial business insurance customers have discovered that.

We are a local insurance broker that is an independent agency. As such, we have access to multiple commercial insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates, and get the best coverage at the best rates. This has proven to be very valuable for the local businesses we serve.

Another thing to keep in mind is that as a business grows, their needs for commercial insurance can change. Some coverage may no longer be adequate to fully protect that growing business. This is another advantage of dealing with a company that serves the local area. We can be more responsive and personal in our service.

If you own a business in the Monroe area, we would appreciate a chance to earn your business. It can start by comparing your personal homeowners or auto rates right online at our website. If you like what you see, we can discuss your business insurance.

Let us know how we can help. Contact us soon and let’s keep it local.

Why Even a Small Fire Can Do Serious Damage to Your North Carolina Home

Your North Carolina homeowners insurance can protect your house from a variety of problems. It can cover you in spring and summer storms. It can protect you from losses due to a theft. It can provide you liability coverage in the event of an on property injury. It may also give you the financial resources to recover from a fire. But making sure you have enough coverage is critical, especially in case of a fire.

A fire and its aftermath doesn’t have to consume your entire home to be a significant disaster. Even a small fire can do serious damage to your North Carolina home. Why can it be so damaging?

Let’s use the example of a kitchen fire in the heat of our North Carolina summers. Even if the flames are contained to the kitchen, air conditioning can quickly spread smoke and soot through the entire home. Smoke damage can easily occur to furniture, clothes, and bedding. Smoke and soot will likely stick to walls, ceiling fans, carpeting and appliances. If the fire department was called there could be water damage or at least a large mess from extinguishers. Yes, even a small fire can create a significant amount of damage.

That’s why it is important you have the appropriate homeowners insurance coverage. You want to be assured not only your structure is properly covered but your contents are as well. We can help with a no obligation homeowners insurance review. We will assist you in understanding your current coverage and make sure you know where you are, and aren’t, sufficiently protected. As independent agents, we can shop around for the best coverage for you.

Compare homeowners and auto insurance rates right online at our website, or if you prefer, call us. Let’s make sure you have the coverage you need at a price you can afford.