Tips for Home Maintenance in the Fall

Fall has officially arrived.   The leaves are beginning to change colors and temperatures are dropping to a cool and comfortable level.  Is your home ready for fall?  At JC Demo Insurance Group of Matthews, NC, we believe that proactive preparation is the best defense against unexpected issues arising with your home.  Here are some tips to prepare your home for fall and the upcoming winter.

Make Sure to Clean Your Gutters and Roof

As leaves begin to fall, these can clog up the gutters.   Make sure to clean them out regularly, especially while the weather is still pleasant to be out in.  Check your roof for any loose or missing shingles and make sure to clear off any debris.

Prepare to Transition from Air Conditioning to Furnace Usage

While North Carolina winters are fairly mild compared to other parts of the country, it does still get cold.  Winterize your air conditioning unit and make sure to get your furnace inspected.  The furnace should be checked for leaks and carbon monoxide levels.

Perform Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance Before Using Them

It is enjoyable to have a cozy fire going in the fall and winter.  But before you use it in the upcoming months, it is a good idea to have it cleaned and inspected.  This helps prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide and ensures it is in good working order.

Regular seasonal home maintenance is an important way to protect one of your biggest investments, your home.  It is also important that your house is insured to protect you against unforeseen accidents and disasters.  Contact one of the agents at JC Demo Insurance Group of Matthews, NC to learn more information on the types of insurance coverage we recommend for your home.  



Why Your Auto Insurance Rates Are Different from Your Friend’s

When you first get your car insurance policy set up in Matthews, NC, you may have a variety of feelings about it. You might wonder how to budget the expense into the rest of your necessities, or you may be annoyed that you have to take the time for the practical before you can get to the fun of driving. You may even hate the idea of considering all the bad things that can happen to your baby. But one of the worst feelings is later finding out your friend is paying a very different rate from you. JC Demo Insurance Group wants you to know why this happens. 

Insurance Is Specific 

States and cities differ depending on the amount of people, amount of accidents and crime rates. So if you’re more likely to have your car stolen then your rate will be higher than your friends. It also has everything to do with how safe you are on the road, so if your friend not only has no accidents or tickets but also tends to drive rarely and then only to their children’s school for drop-offs, then it’s easier to see why they’re paying less than you. Practically everything you do or don’t do is tied in with your rates, so if you want a lower rate, then you may want to pick a safer and more practical car, or stop trying to see how high over the speed limit you can go before you get pulled over. 

JC Demo Insurance Group 

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