3 Things You Might Not Know About Auto Insurance

The better you know your insurance policy, the safer you’ll be driving around Matthews NC. Here are three things most drivers don’t know about auto insurance:

  1. More expensive vehicles don’t always cost more to insure. The value of a car is one factor, but insurance companies are weighing that against a thousand other factors, too. A safer car is almost always going to cost less to insure, even if it cost more to buy.
  2. Classic car insurance doesn’t just mean "old cars." You can get almost any car covered under a classic insurance policy, but it’s not always worth the hassle, even for classic cars. Under a classic car policy, there may be limits to how often you can drive your own car. So for many drivers, a standard policy is just fine, even on a classic Mustang.
  3. You’re not covered for business driving. You’re covered for getting to and from work, you may be covered for limited business use. But you’re probably not covered under your personal policy for delivering pizzas, making bank runs, or driving clients around town. You’ll need to talk to your insurer about extending your policy to business activity if you’re planning to run a company out of your driver’s seat.

If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to sign with a new insurance provider, get in touch with JC Demo Insurance Group. The right agency can get you the right policy by looking through all of your options and finding the one that works best for you, and that’s what Matthews NC drivers can get from JC Demo Insurance.

When do people in North Carolina need auto insurance?

In the state of North Carolina, owning a car is a great option and investment. Those with a car will enjoy the convenience that it can provide. People that live in the Matthews, NC area will always benefit from having a proper insurance policy. There are several situations when someone here is going to need to have an appropriate auto insurance policy. 

When Taking Out a Loan

A common situation when people in this state need to have auto insurance is when they are getting financing for the vehicle. Buying a vehicle is a big purchase and a lot of buyers have to take out a loan to complete the purchase. If you do decide to take out an auto loan when you are buying a car, you will have to comply with your lender’s auto insurance requirements.

When Trying to Comply with Law

You will also need to have an auto insurance policy when you are trying to comply with the law. People that are all over the state of North Carolina are bound by state laws regarding having at least some liability insurance. If you do not have this insurance coverage, you will not have protection if you cause damage in an accident. Due to this risk, all drivers are required by law to carry liability coverage and those without it could face penalties.

Picking the right auto insurance policy in the Matthews, NC area should be taken very seriously. If you are going to pick a new insurance policy here, you should call the JC Demo Insurance Group. Anyone that speaks with the team at the JC Demo Insurance Group can learn about their insurance options and get into a proper policy that will ensure full compliance with the law and all requirements. 

Common Myths About Car Insurance

Choosing and buying auto insurance coverage might not be an easy task, especially if you have never done it before. There are also plenty of myths and misconceptions that do not let you make an informed decision and get the policy you really need. In order to assist you, JC Demo Insurance Group serving clients from Matthews, NC and other surrounding areas has prepared the list of common myths about car insurance that have nothing to do with truth:

It Is More Expensive To Insure Red Cars

The truth is that if you a red car owner, you have nothing to worry about – you will not have to pay more for your insurance just because of the color of your vehicle. Insurance companies consider other factors, such as the type of your vehicle (its model, age, body type, and engine size) and your behavior as a driver. They also care about the safety features of your car, how much it costs to repair in case of an accident, and how popular the car is with thieves. 

It Is Enough To Get the Minimum Coverage

Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not enough to have the minimum coverage required by the state of North Carolina. The minimum coverage will not cover your personal injuries or the injuries of your family members. It will not even cover the damage to the vehicle completely. For this reason, in order to have proper protection on the road and peace of mind, you will have to have additional coverage. 

Older Driver Pay More For Their Car Insurance

It is not true. Actually, there are certain discounts available to older drivers. For example, drivers at the age of 55 and older are eligible for a discount on their premiums if they successfully complete an accident prevention course. 

If you are currently looking for proper car insurance in the state of North Carolina, JC Demo Insurance Group serving Matthews, NC is ready to assist you and help you find an insurance plan based on your needs and budget. Do not hesitate to contact our agency to discuss the available options. 

Do I Need to Carry Auto Insurance on my Car if I Put It in Storage?

In Matthews, NC, the agents of JC Demo Insurance Group can help you keep your vehicle protected even if it has to be placed in storage. Putting your car in storage takes it off of the road, but it doesn’t eliminate all of the different risks it may be exposed to. Making sure it is properly insured at all times is the best way to protect your investment.

Reasons for Storing Your Car

There are several reasons for putting your car in storage. One of the most common is that it is a second vehicle and that won’t be driven if you go on a lengthy vacation or return home for the summer. Individuals who live in North Carolina for only a few months out of the year, often have a vehicle at their winter home for added convenience. Putting it in storage helps to keep it safe during the long months that you are away.

Making Sure It Is Properly Insured

Just because your vehicle isn’t being driven on the road, doesn’t mean all of your risks are put to rest. Your car may be stolen or damaged by vandals. It could possibly be damaged by something falling on it if the building it is stored in is compromised in any way. Making sure it is properly insured is the best way to reduce your risk and protect your investment.

The agents of JC Demo Insurance Group are always available to help residents living in the Matthews, NC area find the right coverage for their vehicles. This includes when they have to be placed in storage for any length of time. Call and schedule an appointment with an agent today!

Three problems your auto insurance policy can solve for you in North Carolina

Auto insurance is an essential product to invest in for a variety of reasons. Vehicle owners in Matthews, NC can benefit in numerous ways by investing in an auto insurance policy. At JC Demo Insurance Group, we’re here to help area residents meet their auto insurance needs.

The following are three problems that your auto insurance policy can solve for you in North Carolina. 

Meeting state liability coverage requirements

You are required by North Carolina law to meet certain insurance requirements. You are required to purchase at least $30,000 in bodily injury coverage per person and $25,000 for property damage. 

Purchasing adequate auto insurance coverage will provide you with the proof of insurance that you’ll need to register a vehicle in North Carolina.  

Paying for repairs to your vehicle after an accident

Being involved in an auto accident can be incredibly expensive. A severe accident can make it so that your vehicle requires repairs before it can operate properly again. Some auto accidents result in total losses where a vehicle must be completely replaced.

If you invest in collision coverage, your auto insurance can cover the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle after an accident. 

Getting roadside assistance when your vehicle breaks down

Many auto insurance companies offer roadside assistance as an extra feature on their policies. With roadside assistance, you can receive assistance if your vehicle breaks down.

Roadside assistance will usually involve a tow truck coming to pick up your vehicle and take it to a nearby garage. This helpful service can be a lifesaver when you experience a breakdown. 

Are you on the market for the right insurance policy in Matthews, NC? Contact us at JC Demo Insurance Group to learn more about our insurance policy offerings. 

Summer Road Trip? How to Stay Safe on the Road

As a native of Matthews, NC, you’re privy to beautiful scenic highways and byways for summer travels. North Carolina is a favorite hot spot for summer road trips, making it necessary to drive safely in order to enjoy your road trip to the full. If you’re planning a road trip this summer, these tips from JC Demo Insurance Group can help you stay safe on NC roads.  

Plan Ahead

Take time to plan your trip, choosing safe routes and reserving places to stay in advance so you’re not caught unprepared. Have alternate routes planned in case you run into road construction or heavy traffic due to an accident that can clog up the road. Share your plans with loved ones so they’re aware of your whereabouts in the event you have an accident or breakdown along the way.

Service Your Car

Service your car before leaving to ensure it’s road-ready. Check your fluids, tires, brakes, battery, hoses, signals, wipers, and lights. Pack an emergency kit to include a first aid kit, blankets, jumper cables, flares, tool kit, and other needs in case you run into trouble on the road. Don’t leave anything to chance. 

Drive Defensively

Drive carefully and defensively, enjoying your trip every step of the way. Stop and rest when you’re tired as drowsy driving increases your risk of accidents. Never drink and drive or take medications that can make you sleepy on the road. Stay within speed limits. Use signals when changing lanes or turning. Be considerate of other drivers to avoid problems with road rage.

Update Your Auto Insurance

Make sure you have the auto insurance protection you need for your summer travels. To update your auto coverage, contact your insurance specialists at JC Demo Insurance Group, serving residents in Matthews, NC. 

How Matthews, NC Residents Can Protect Their Car With Auto Insurance

It’s important to protect your car with auto insurance in Matthews, NC. Although you will want to adhere to state standards, there are optional coverage levels that you can explore, too. With the help of our agents at JC Demo Insurance Group, we can see to it that you have a customized policy.

What the State Requires

The easiest and fastest way to protect at least the basics of your car is with the state-mandated insurance in North Carolina. The state requires you to maintain a certain minimum level of liability for property damage and bodily injury. This coverage will be a part of any auto insurance that you buy. It will cover you in the event you’re in a collision with another vehicle.

After you meet the state requirements, you are still vulnerable to other scenarios, including:

  • Collisions with debris in the road, animals, and other non-vehicles
  • Hail and storm damage
  • Hit and runs

The good news is that there are a few other forms of coverage that you can choose to add to your policy.

Exploring Optional Coverage

Our independent insurance agents can help you to explore collision and comprehensive coverage. Neither of these is required by the state but can offer a significant amount of protection in the event that you get into an accident or experience some kind of damage.

Collision coverage protects you against any collision that might occur with a non-vehicle. Whether you experience a rollover when going around a sharp turn, collide with a guard rail, or hit a deer in the middle of the road, you would be covered.

Comprehensive coverage protects you against all non-driving related incidents, such as hail damage, a rogue shopping cart, or something else that might occur when you’re not even behind the wheel.

Start shopping for more comprehensive auto insurance in North Carolina by calling us at JC Demo Insurance Group today.

Recommendations to Help You Avoid a Car Accident

Any car registered in NC must be insured for liability, says G.S. 20-309, a state law, which further states said insurance must be issued by an insurance company licensed by said state. This is because accidents are all too common. There were 20,326 car crashes in 2018 in Mecklenburg County alone. JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC, offers these recommendations to help you avoid a crash.

Making Complete Stops

Stop. Wait three seconds. Then go. This constitutes a complete stop. A rolling stop is careless and dangerous.

Looking Left, Right, Left

Look left, then right, then left again, before pulling out, because cars coming from the left will impact you first.

Keeping a Safe Distance

The “two-second rule” states that two seconds should pass between the car in front of you passing a fixed point and you pass that same point.

Changing Lanes Carefully

When changing lanes, check your side and rear-view mirrors, then look over your shoulder to check your blind spot, as well as other lanes to ensure another driver isn’t moving into that spot.

Ignoring Distractions Until the Next Stop

In 2018, 19.2 percent of crashes in Mecklenburg County were caused by distractions. Use your phone after you arrive.

Being Sober

There were 904 alcohol-related crashes in Mecklenburg County in 2018. Other drugs slow your reaction time, as well. Say no if driving.

Obeying the Speed Limit

Driving too fast can cause you to miss vital cues, like road signs or another driver’s intentions.

Driving Defensively

You may drive well, but not everyone does. Being cognizant of other drivers may save your life.

Many drivers are under-insured or not insured. Now, before you’re in a crash, protect yourself. Contact JC Demo Insurance Group, located in Matthews, NC, for information and details.

Tips to Protect Your Auto From Theft

Although modern technology has aided in the decline of automobiles over the past decade, there is still a high rate of stolen vehicles in the United States, including the area of Matthews, NC. In order to protect your automobile from being a crime of opportunity, there are a few steps you can take to deter potential thieves. JC Demo Insurance Group has put together a few tips to protect your auto from theft.

Park in Plain View

When parking your vehicle, especially in areas such as work or school where you will not have a visual view of your automobile, it’s important to park in an area where others will notice any potential thieves. You should never park behind a privacy fence or in the extreme back area of a parking lot. When parking at night, be sure to park in areas that have access to lighting, such as from a street light or porch light. When at home, park in the garage whenever possible.

Don’t Leave it Running

To avoid the risk of your vehicle being stolen, you should never leave your vehicle running, especially in an area where you cannot see the car. It’s also recommended that you not leave the vehicle running in the driveway while you are in the house. If you must warm your vehicle before driving, it’s best to start the car and let it warm up while you clean the windows.

Remove all Valuables

Before exiting your vehicle remove all valuables, including the cords for phones and electrical devices. If a thief spots a cord, they will assume the device that belongs to the cord is also in the vehicle, so do not leave them in view. Put briefcases, purses and other valuables that you aren’t taking with you in the trunk.

Always lock your vehicle before leaving it. If keys are lost or stolen, be sure to have the locks changed on your vehicle. One of the best ways to protect your vehicle from theft is to install a quality alarm as well as a tracking device, which will allow officials to locate the vehicle quickly in the case of it being stolen.

To learn more information about automobile insurance or to upgrade your policy, residents of Matthews, NC should contact JC Demo Insurance Group.

What to Do If You Have a Car Accident

Accidents happen, even to those who are excellent drivers. When you know what to do if you have a car accident, you can avoid expensive errors. Here are five things to remember if you have an accident in Matthews, NC from JC Demo Insurance Group. 

1. Move Your Car

If your car is drivable, do your best to get it off to the side of the road so you can avoid blocking traffic as much as possible. If you can get out of your car and you see that other people in the accident need help, do what you can to help them. If you can’t move your vehicle and no one is in need of assistance, stay in the car with your seat belt on to keep yourself safe from other motorists

2.  Call the Police

Your insurance company will probably want a police report to make a claim. Even if no one is hurt, call the non-emergency police number to have a police report filed. 

3. Exchange Information

You and the other driver should exchange information. You can let the other driver know your name and phone number, the name of your insurance company and your policy number. You should also jot down a brief description of the other car involved in the accident, its license plate number, the exact street address where the accident occurred, and any names and phone numbers of potential witnesses in the vicinity.  

4. Cooperate with the Police

Answer the questions that the police have and let them have your personal information as well. Do not necessarily accept blame for the accident.  Just tell the officer what occurred, and let him draw his own conclusions. 

5. Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

After you have finished the paperwork and the officer releases you to leave the scene, you will want to call your insurance company to let them know about the wreck. They will tell you what your next steps should be. Often, they will have the numbers of preferred repair shops and tow truck companies to help you out. Your insurance agent can help you through this process, so be sure to write down what you need to do while you are on the phone. 

Car accidents are inconvenient, but having a good insurance agent can help expedite the process and get you back on the road in your vehicle. If you need insurance in the Matthews, NC area, contact JC Demo Insurance Group today.