Can I Name Someone Other Than a Relative as the Beneficiary of my Life Insurance Policy in Concord, North Carolina?

When you are purchasing life insurance in Concord, North Carolina, you may pause when you reach the section regarding the beneficiary. The beneficiary is the individual who will receive the money when you pass away and many individuals list a spouse, child or other family member as the person who will receive the funds. Although it is common to list a family member, you may not be required to list family members if you have another individual in mind.

Listing Other Individuals

Life insurance is a great way to ensure that loved ones are financially secure after you pass away, but if you do not have any familial responsibilities or if you have another individual in mind, then you may want to write down the name of a different person.

The best solution is to ask your independent agent about the policy before you apply. In most cases, you can list another person as the beneficiary, even if they are not family members.

Groups or Organizations

Although you may assume that a beneficiary is a person, some insurers may allow you to list a charitable organization, a group or a company rather than a person. For example, if you want to leave money for your college to set up a scholarship program, then you may decide to leave the funds to your college.

When you are filling out the paperwork for your life insurance, it is not necessary to list a family member as the person who will receive the funds. You can list another person or even an organization through many insurers. If you are not sure about the process or you want to ask questions, then call us today to talk to an independent agent for more details.

How does GAP insurance work when a car is totaled in Matthews, North Carolina?

When you first get an auto policy in Matthews, North Carolina there are certain benefits that you will select in order to protect yourself from financial troubles. You may add high liability limits and even physical damage benefits. There is one benefit that you will want to add in order to fully round out your auto protection. Here are some things that you will want to know about GAP insurance.

Facts About GAP Insurance and How it Affects You

  • GAP insurance are your car policy in Charlotte and Concord, North Carolina takes care of the gap between the value of the car and amount that you still own on the loan.
  • Without this benefit you will have to pay the difference between the two amounts out of your own pocket.
  • Once the value of the car has been figured out the insurance company will then send that amount to you as a payment for the car being totaled.
  • Once you get the amount you will have to come up with the difference in order to fully payoff the loan amount if you do not have GAP benefits.

There is a lot that goes into your car insurance. If you are looking for someone to help you understand your auto insurance, then you will want to call your independent agent today. As your agent we can help you understand how each one of the benefits on your auto policy protect you and your family. If you need to add benefits to your policy then we can help you decide which benefits you will want to have.

Does commercial insurance cover damages from a termite infestation in Concord, North Carolina?

When you first open up a business you take great care into making sure that nothing can damage or destroy your business. As the owner you may even take out a commercial insurance policy to protect against losses and lawsuits related to business exposures. If you are wondering if your commercial policy protects against pest like termites, then there are some things that you will want to know in Concord, North Carolina.

Does Your Commercial Insurance Policy Protect Against Pest Infestations or Other Perils?

  • Any kind of insurance policy only protects from natural disasters. When a destructive pest invades your business in Charlotte or Matthews, North Carolina there is usually no benefits for this kind of peril.
  • Another thing that is not covered by traditional insurance is natural wear and tear. Buildings and homes wear out with time. Your insurance will not cover this kind of damage.
  • Termites are a pest that can affect many structures. When a building is sold are a home passes to a new owner there is usually a termite inspection done before the property can exchange hands.

If you own your business and are wondering what your commercial policy covers, then you will need to call your independent agent today. Commercial insurance policies can be built to cover your business completely. In order for you to have the benefits that you need, then call us today. As your agent we will be able to give you the information that you need to choose the coverage limits for your company. We can also answer any questions related to your commercial insurance policy.

Can I make a Claim if I Damage my Car by Using a Lighter to Unfreeze the Locks in Charlotte, North Carolina?

During the winter months in Charlotte, North Carolina, it is possible that the locks on a car door will freeze. When that happens, it may be tempting to use a lighter to melt the ice so that it is possible to unlock the doors. Unfortunately, using a lighter on the vehicle may result in damage to the paint or even the metal. Although insurers have different policies regarding damage that they will pay for, auto insurance may not cover the costs of repairs.

Accidents and Accidental Damage

A comprehensive car insurance policy will usually cover the costs of repairing a personal vehicle in certain situations. When the damage results from an accident, such as another car hitting a parked vehicle during icy road conditions or a tree branch falling on the vehicle, then the insurer may cover the costs of repairing or replacing the vehicle.

Purposeful Damage

Although accidents that are beyond personal control may be covered under a policy, it is possible that the plan does not cover personal actions. When the damages are the result of a lighter that you used on your own vehicle, you may find that your insurer will not accept the claim.

Damages that are caused by vandalism, attempted theft or similar situations are usually covered under a basic comprehensive policy. The situation ultimately determines if your current plan will cover the damages to your vehicle.

When you use a lighter to remove ice from the locks on your car, you may not be covered for the damages that occur. The key to determining if you are covered is looking through your policy to clarify the situations that are covered. To learn more about your coverage options, contact us to talk to an independent agent.