What to Monitor While House Sitting

So your neighbors or someone else you know asked you to house sit. It could be fun, or it might just be a job for you to do. It depends on the home owner’s and how much time you can spend inside of the Matthews, NC home. Regardless of this though, you need to know what to monitor while house sitting. 


JC Demo Insurance Group points out the most important area you can monitor while house sitting is the water situation. If the home owners turned the heat way down while away, make sure it is set at around 50 or higher. This way you can avoid any possible pipe freezing and bursting. If for whatever reason the power goes out in the winter, turn on a few faucets so there is just a slow, yet steady, drip. This prevents water in the pipes from sitting, helping reduce the chance of freezing. 


Bring in the mail and papers daily. This is one of the most important tasks you have and something you need to stay on top of. Doing this helps prevent identity theft while also giving the appearance of someone living inside of the house. 


When you visit leave lights on, even if you leave. If it is snowing out make sure to pull into the driveway, which leaves tire marks. All of this helps give the impression of someone living in the house. 

Snow in the sidewalk

You need to shovel the driveway and sidewalks around the house when it snows. Not only does this show the house is being lived in but it also helps prevent the home owners from landing a ticket. Home owners can receive a ticket from the city if the sidewalks are not shoveled a day or two after heavy snowfall. 

Gas Mileage Tips for North Carolina Drivers

Many people who live in the Charlotte, North Carolina suburb of Matthews commute into the middle of the city on a daily basis. This can cost a lot of money in gas, even when oil prices are low. However, there are some ways to cut gas expenditures down significantly. Below are some tips for increasing gas mileage and reducing the amount you spend on gas on a daily basis when commuting from Matthews to Charlotte or anywhere else in North Carolina and beyond.


While traffic is relatively unpredictable, try not to drive during rush hours, as the more time you spend idling in traffic the worse your gas mileage usually will be. The more you can be moving while in your vehicle, the better, as you will get farther on less gas.


Using the air conditioner and heater will cost you a good amount of gas over time, especially if it is on full blast. So try to limit your air conditioner and heater use depending on the season in North Carolina and you will see better gas mileage results and ultimately pay less at the pump.


Tires that are low will slow the car down and significantly reduce gas mileage. It is also dangerous to drive with low tires as they may more easily result in a blow out at high speeds. So make sure your tires are properly inflated at all times.


Try buying or leasing another vehicle that is more fuel efficient, like a hybrid that gets double the miles per gallon most regular cars get. Of course, when you get a new vehicle it means getting new insurance to protect your investment, allowing you to see the monetary benefits over time of what you see at the pump. Check out JC Demo Insurance Group who serves the Matthews, North Carolina area for competitive rates.