Can I Insure my Caravan or Mobile Home Under my Regular Home Insurance Policy in Matthews, North Carolina?

A homeowners insurance policy is designed to protect a house, condo or similar structure that you purchase. Although you may live in a caravan or mobile home in Matthews, North Carolina, a homeowner’s policy is not the right type of insurance plan for the vehicle.

Ability to Move the Structure

The key reason that a homeowner’s insurance policy is not appropriate for a motor home of any type is the possibility of getting into an accident on the road. When you move your home, it is possible that you will get into an accident. As a result, the possibility of liability claims and the risk of damage is much higher than the risks associated with a house.

Motor Home Insurance

When you purchase a mobile home, it is important to find coverage that is specifically designed to address the possible problems that may arise in the vehicle. Mobile home policies are the appropriate solution because the plan will cover road accidents, potential fires and other problems that are related to a house or a car.

A house that is mobile is not the same as a house that stays on the land. You need specialized insurance that can address all of the potential liability concerns, damages that may arise or dangers that are associated with the property.

A homeowner’s policy will not cover a caravan, even if that is where you live. The best way to find the coverage that you need when you own a mobile home is by working with an agent to compare your options and address all of you concerns. If you want to find the right policy for your property, then contact us today to talk to an independent agent.

Can I Insure my New Car with a Different Insurer Before my Current Policy Ends in Charlotte, North Carolina?

When you are purchasing a new car in Charlotte, North Carolina, you will need to obtain auto insurance before you drive the vehicle home. The concern that may arise is whether you should add it to your current policy and wait until it ends or if you should obtain a new policy as soon as possible. Ultimately, the decision is a personal choice.

Changing the Coverage

Even though you have obtained auto coverage for your current vehicle, it does not necessarily mean that you are required to keep the same plan until the period expires. You can cancel your current policy whenever you feel that your insurer is no longer working for your needs or when you find a company that suits your goals and concerns better.

Finding the Right Plan

If you decide that it is time for a change, then you will need to find an insurer who meets your needs and addresses your current concerns. The best insurers will vary based on the situation, so working with an independent agent can help.

An agent will narrow down the choices by giving you the best results based on the amount of coverage that you request. Since the agent compares the options and generates the best policies for your goals and concerns, you can quickly compare auto insurance quotes online and make a decision before you take your new car home.

The excitement of buying a new car may seem dulled if you assume that you must insure it with your current provider. You can change insurers if you are not satisfied with the coverage on your current plan. To learn more about insurance options that are available, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

I have a Roommate who is not Listed Under my Homeowners Policy Moving into my House, Are her Belongings Covered Under my Insurance in Concord, North Carolina?

Although the belongings of a short-term guest in your home is usually covered under a Concord, North Carolina homeowners insurance policy, a roommate does not have the same level of protection. The reason is that the risk of their belongings being lost or stolen is much higher than a guest who is staying for a short period of time. If that individual is not listed on your policy, then it is unlikely that your roommate’s belongings are covered.

Renter’s Insurance

If you do not feel comfortable putting a roommate on your policy and you are renting a room, then that individual may be able to obtain renter’s insurance to protect her belongings. Her personal belongings are her responsibility and your insurance many not provide any protection as long as she is not listed.

Listing Individuals

Unless your roommate is also a family member, you may not be able to list her on your policy. Although insurers have different rules and company policies that they follow, the options to protect your roommate’s personal belongings may not include listing her on your policy.

Family members who move into your home, such as a sibling, a parent or even a cousin, might be eligible for you to list on your policy. Before you assume that your insurance will cover them, contact your insurer and read through your policy for any exceptions or details.

In most cases, a roommate is not covered under your home insurance policy. You may or may not be able to list the individual, depending on the situation, but it is usually a good idea to suggest that your roommate obtain renter’s insurance, which will protect her belongings and provide some liability protection. To learn more about homeowner’s insurance, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

My Apartment in Matthews, North Carolina has been Broken into and items stolen. Am I Covered for this Loss?

When you purchase homeowners insurance for your apartment in Matthews, North Carolina, you may worry about what is covered and what is not. Although the specifics of your policy will vary based on the insurer and the amount of coverage that you purchased, your home coverage may protect the contents of your apartment as well as the property.

Basic Coverage

Coverage for a home may include several factors. In most cases, insurers will protect your personal belongings if they are stolen or damaged from a situation that is beyond your control.

Theft may be covered, but the amount of coverage will vary. Depending on your policy and the type of protection plan that you purchased, you may be reimbursed for the full replacement value or the value after depreciation.

Making a Claim

When you determine that the contents of your apartment are covered under your plan, it is time to make a claim on your policy. Before you contact your insurer, call the police and make a formal report. A police report is proof of the theft and the damages to your apartment.

Call the insurer and explain the situation. The insurer may ask you to send a copy of the police report and any documents that prove that you owned the items, such as a receipt or a picture.

In most cases, insurers will protect your personal belongings and reimburse you for the loss as long as you have a record to prove that you owned the item and you have a policy that protects your contents as well as the structure. The amount of coverage you have may vary, so it is important to read through your policy. To learn more about your policy or coverage plan, contact us to speak to an independent agent today.