Do I Need General Liability Policies to Operate an Online Business?

Operating an online business is a great way to secure financial and personal independence with low overhead. However, while online entrepreneurs might enjoy cutting costs wherever possible, one thing you should still consider is general liability insurance.

Do I Need General Liability Insurance to Operate an Online Business?

Our team at JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC is experienced at tailoring commercial insurance policies to meet the exact needs of our clients, including those who operate an online-only business. One of the common types of insurance policies such companies need is general liability, and the following is a list of three great reasons why:

  1. Protect against a third-party claim. Brick-and-mortar businesses have a higher risk of bodily injury and property damage claims by third parties, but even if you never interact with a client face-to-face, you can still risk lawsuits. Third parties may initiate a claim against you alleging advertising injury or non-physical personal injury, such as defamation. General liability insurance protects you by covering legal costs and any judgments or settlements you might need to make in such cases.
  2. Meet contractual requirements. Some contracts you might enter with others, such as clients or vendors, will require you to show proof of general liability insurance. This builds trust with them and is a door opener overall for your online business.
  3. Cyber protection add-on policies. General liability insurance policies can include specialty online protections, such as data breaches and cybercrime coverage, that can give you and your clients confidence in your online company.

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Whole Life Insurance Vs. Term Life Insurance

It’s always a good idea to have life insurance. No matter your situation, life insurance is essential for those left behind. Don’t go without life insurance when doing so can set your family up for financial hardship. If you don’t have a life insurance policy, it’s time to get one. Call us at JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC to learn more. 

Whole Life Insurance

There are two main types of life insurance. One of these is called whole life. This is a type that comes with several benefits as well as a drawback. These policies offer coverage that never expires. With term life insurance, the policies will expire at a certain time. However, whole-life policies work very differently. They have no expiration date and can’t be canceled while you keep paying for the policy. Not even the insurance company can cancel them if you continue to pay. This type of life insurance also comes with a cash value amount. This amount is cash that you can borrow in a financial emergency. It’s an expensive policy, though, much more expensive than a term policy. 

Term Life Insurance 

Term life insurance is much different from whole life. These policies are written to only last a certain number of years. Unlike whole life, they don’t go on forever. When these policies expire, you are no longer covered. At that point, you’d have to get a new policy to be covered again. There is also no cash value to these policies. The upside to those factors is that this type of life insurance is much less expensive. 

Choose Your Life Insurance 

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