Keeping Your Home Green: Tips to Recycle Home Items in Matthews

Every day we come across items that we’re unsure if we should throw away or put in the trash. If your pizza box still has cheese on it, does that mean you can’t recycle it? What about your old clothes with holes in them, can those be recycled? People dedicated to this issue have made a lot of advancements, so here are some tips to start recycling in Matthews, NC. 

You’ve Come a Long Way

Recycling has come a long way in the past few decades, and it seems that practically everything can be recycled now. Programs in different areas vary, but if you’re really motivated you could probably find a way to recycle most household items. Your books, old ratty clothes, and used containers can all be remade into useful new items for someone else, saving our environment and giving you a greener home. 

Bringing Out Your Creativity

Ever have a friend who always seems to have some sort of project or craft idea going on? You can do it too! Turn your old household items into stuff you actually need around the house. It’s particularly fun if you do these ideas with your children to teach them green habits for the future too. Old milk containers make excellent watering cans or make your own candles by melting down old crayons your kids aren’t using anymore. There are practically an endless amount of ideas out there!

JC Demo Insurance Group knows that in Matthews, NC, people need to keep their homes both clean and safe. Recycling certainly helps with the first part, and we’re ready to help you with the latter part. Give us a call if you need a quote for a new homeowners policy today. 

Do I really need commercial vehicle insurance?

For many small business owners, it can seem as if commercial vehicle insurance is an expense they can skip.  Many people simply assume that their personal auto insurance policy will cover them if they’re ever in an accident.  Unfortunately, too many business owners find out too late that this is rarely the case.  

Call an agent today if any of the following situations apply to you or your business.

  1. Your business owns a vehicle.  If the title for a vehicle is held by your business (as opposed to being held by you personally), then you need to have commercial auto insurance.  Many personal auto insurance policies have restrictions that state the policy holder will not be covered in a company-owned vehicle.  Keep this in mind if you transfer the title of your personal car to your business.
  2. You use your vehicle for business more than 20% of the time.  Using your personal vehicle for business on a regular basis could void parts of your auto insurance coverage.  To make up for it, a commercial insurance policy needs to be purchased.  It will provide coverage only when the vehicle is being used for business.
  3. You store business items in your personal vehicle.  If you don’t have a rider on your personal auto insurance policy that covers business property, then you need to buy a commercial insurance policy to protect things such as inventory, equipment, and computers.  If these items are stolen or damaged in your vehicle, a commercial auto insurance policy could pay to repair or replace them.

If these situations apply to you or your business, call the insurance agents at JC Demo Insurance Group.