Update Your Commercial Insurance After A Renovation

Renovating your business may require modifications to your commercial insurance policy. Use the following tips to guide you in updating your coverage.

A List Of Updates

Walk through your place of business and prepare a list of updates. Our JC Demo Insurance Group agents help small and large business owners update existing policies.

The agent who is assigned to you will need to know about the renovations that have been completed. Your list should include the materials that were used and the value of each item that has been added to your business. This information will help the agent determine the amount of coverage you need.

A Consultation

Before you change your insurance policy, meet with one of our agents. During the consultation, you can review your existing policy.

You will also be able to ask questions about the coverage you seek. An agent will ensure that all the upgrades at your place of business are documented in the new policy.

The Claims Process

One of our agents in Matthews, NC will outline the insurance claims process. If a theft occurs at your place of business, you will need to file a claim.

If damage occurs on your commercial property, you will also need to file a claim. Filing a claim is the preliminary step you will need to take to receive funding for repairs.

Some Final Words

You can contact one of our agents who serve Matthews, NC, whenever you have a question about an existing insurance policy. At JC Demo Insurance Group, our agents help clients who own small and large businesses.

From Suburbs to Security: Unraveling the Essentials of Home Insurance in Matthews, NC

Owning a home in the charming town of Matthews, NC, is a personal accomplishment and a source of pride. Your home is not only your sanctuary. It is also an investment, which is why it is critically important to protect the interior and exterior of your home with the best insurance coverage available. 

Knowledgeable insurance professionals at JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC, understand the unique needs of local homeowners and can provide home insurance solutions that meet your family’s needs. 

What Kind of Home Insurance Can I Get in Matthews, NC?

Dwelling Coverage 

The foundation of North Carolina home insurance policies begins with dwelling coverage. Dwelling coverage protects your home’s structure and attached components, like your garage, deck, and porch. 

Personal Property Coverage 

It is essential to protect your home and its exterior structure. Still, you and your family will also want to be covered for personal property, including furniture, electronic devices, clothing, and other essential valuables you wouldn’t want to live without in the event of a mishap. 

Get personal property coverage as a part of a comprehensive home insurance policy to protect your valuables against theft, fire, natural disasters, and catastrophic events. 

Liability Coverage 

Adding liability coverage to your home insurance policies can safeguard your finances from various financial and legal consequences that could devastate your finances. 

Get Home Insurance from JC Demo Insurance Group

Please don’t wait until disaster strikes, when it is too late to protect your home and belongings. Ask an insurance agent about the benefits of having a home insurance policy. 

Contact a licensed insurance agent at JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC, and get a free quote for home insurance today! 

Questions To Ask When Shopping For Auto Insurance

Shopping for auto insurance is an important and weighty decision that impacts your safety and financial well-being. There is a specific list of questions you should ask an insurance agent if you are looking for car insurance:

What Coverage Do I Need?

Understand the different types of coverage available, such as liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage. It would be best to choose the options that best suit your needs. 

How Much Coverage Should I Get?

Determine the coverage limits that will adequately protect you and your assets. This depends on factors like your vehicle’s value, budget, and risk tolerance.

What Is My Deductible?

Your deductible is the amount you’ll pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in. Find a deductible that aligns with your budget and financial comfort. 

What Is Not Covered By My Insurance?

Every insurance policy has certain exclusions that you should be aware of. Exclusions are specific situations that your auto insurance policy does not cover. Even though you can usually find this information in your contract, it is still worth asking an insurance agent about it. 

How Is My Premium Calculated?

You need to understand the factors influencing your premium, such as your driving record, vehicle type, location, and age. Knowing all this will help you make informed choices about your insurance policy.

Now that you are armed with the right questions to ask when shopping for auto insurance, it is time to take action and choose the right insurance plan to protect you and your vehicle on the road. If you live in Matthews, NC, or any other town in North Carolina, JC Demo Insurance Group is the insurance agency you should contact when shopping for car insurance. JC Demo Insurance Group has been serving clients in Matthews, NC, and helps find the perfect plan based on your insurance needs and budget limits. 

How to Pick a Life Insurance Type

Most people will want to leave something to their heirs when they’re gone. A great way to provide this financial assistance to your loved ones is to get a life insurance policy. These policies come in two main types: whole life and term life. Each has its pros and cons, and you need to know what each has to offer before you choose the right policy for you and your family. Call us at JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC to get your policy. 

The Length of the Policy

Whole and term life policies differ significantly in how long they stay in force. When you get a term life policy, it stays in effect for only the number of years written into it. This may be something like 20 years. After the policy ends, you are no longer insured. You have to seek out a new life policy. However, when you get a whole life policy, it has a very different period that is good. It stays in effect for your entire life no matter how old you become. Many people appreciate the simplicity of not having to get another policy later. 

The Cost of Your Policy

When you choose a term life policy, it costs less than a whole life policy. With term life, you lock in a low rate while you’re younger. As you age, you still pay that same price for your premiums. However, when you get a whole-life policy, it comes at a higher price. This type of insurance may not suit someone on a tight budget. The rate factors into the age you may attain, so it starts at a high rate and continues that way. 

Get Life Insurance 

No matter which one you choose, we can help. Call us at JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC. 

Does Commercial Insurance Protect You Against Theft By Employees?

Commercial insurance is a crucial safeguard for businesses, protecting against various risks. Theft by employees can be a significant concern for business owners. Here’s more information from JC Demo Insurance Group, providing insurance to residents in the greater Matthews, NC area, about whether commercial insurance provides coverage for employee theft and what you can do to protect your business in such situations.

Coverage for Employee Theft

Commercial insurance policies often include coverage for theft committed by employees. This coverage is typically referred to as "Employee Theft" or "Employee Dishonesty" coverage. It can help reimburse the business for financial losses resulting from theft or fraudulent activities carried out by employees.

Limitations and Considerations

It’s essential to understand that employee theft coverage may have limitations. Policies may specify certain conditions, such as the discovery of theft within a specified time frame or requiring proof of the employee’s dishonesty. Additionally, coverage limits can vary, so it’s crucial to assess your business’s needs and choose an appropriate level of coverage.

Commercial insurance can indeed protect your business against theft committed by employees through Employee Theft or Employee Dishonesty coverage. However, the extent of coverage and limitations can vary from policy to policy, so it’s essential to carefully review your insurance contract and discuss your specific needs with your insurance provider. Properly addressing this potential risk can help safeguard your business’s financial stability and reputation. If you’re looking for a new commercial insurance policy that best meets your needs in the greater Matthews, NC area, reach out to JC Demo Insurance Group to find the policy that best meets your needs. Give us a call to get started. 

Home Insurance Mistakes to Avoid.

Your home is likely one of your most significant investments, so protecting that investment is critical. Avoiding certain home insurance buying mistakes can guard against frustrations and financial losses later. Our JC Demo Insurance Group team, serving the Matthews, NC area, will work with you to avoid those mistakes and structure the insurance coverage to meet your needs best.

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

One set of mistakes related to home insurance occurs while buying the policy:

  • Ignoring exclusions: Confirm what is and is not covered, such as flood and wind damage, and upgrade as needed.
  • Underinsuring belongings: Don’t underestimate the value of your possessions, including jewelry, art, and collectibles.
  • Choosing high deductibles: High deductibles can be smart and save money, as long as you have the cash to cover them.
  • Underestimating your liability: Consider the risk of accepting the minimum liability coverage.
  • Misrepresentation: The failure to tell your agent about your trampoline, dog breed, or home rental may result in a lack of coverage if an accident occurs.
  • Not bundling and comparison shopping: Consolidating and comparing your home, auto, and other policies can save costs.

Mistakes that occur after the policy is in force include:

  • Underinsuring your home: Home improvements and fluctuations in home prices and building costs can lead to undervaluing the replacement cost of your home.
  • Not maintaining a home inventory: A detailed inventory of your belongings, even videos created using your mobile phone, is critical when you have a claim.

Working with JC Demo Insurance Group

Each client has unique home insurance needs. JC Demo Insurance Group, proudly serving the Matthews, NC area, can help you avoid mistakes and protect your home and family against unforeseen events. Call or stop by today to discuss your condo insurance options.

Do You Need Full Coverage Auto Insurance if You Purchase a New car With Cash?

Full coverage auto insurance protects your vehicle from various risks on and off the road. You may be required to have full coverage auto insurance if you’re currently financing your vehicle. If you would like to learn more about our auto insurance coverage options, let the JC Demo Insurance Group experts assist you. We proudly serve the residents in and around the Matthews, NC, area.

Auto Insurance Protection 

If you plan on buying a new car with cash outright, you aren’t required to carry full auto insurance to leave the dealership. However, it is highly recommended that you cover your vehicle adequately with full coverage insurance protection before driving away. Accidents can happen at any time, even when leaving the dealership. Protect your investment and prevent losses associated with covered risks by securing the right level of coverage for your specific situation.

Professional insurance agents can work closely with you to help assess your current and future needs. Once we know what insurance policies provide the best protection, we will match them to you and assist you with submitting documentation and information to obtain your coverage quickly.

Once your policy is in place, we can assist you with any changes or claim submissions. We aim to provide exceptional service and insurance products to help you have peace of mind.

Find Out More Today 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance finding the right auto insurance policy or learning more about available coverage options. Please feel free to call or stop by the JC Demo Insurance Group office, which serves the residents in and around the Matthews, NC, area. We look forward to working with you to help ensure you get the best insurance protection available.

Five Great Ways to Get the Most From Your Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance is essential, as it helps protect you if you’re involved in a car accident. If you’re in the Matthews, NC area and looking for a policy to cover your vehicle, JC Demo Insurance Group can help. We understand that you want to get the most from your insurance coverage, and we’re here to help you focus on the type and level of protection that will be right for your needs. Here are five of the best ways to get the most from your auto policy.

  1. Shop around, and let your insurance agent find the right policy options.
  2. Review and update your policy yearly or anytime you have a change in your household.
  3. Make sure you understand the coverage types and levels your policy provides.
  4. Work directly with your agent, if you have a claim, to address it the right way.
  5. Always carry proof of insurance in your vehicle, as you never know when you might need it.

While an auto policy isn’t something that needs to be on your mind all the time, it’s also not something you get once and then forget about. You want to ensure you’re keeping it up to date so it continues to offer you the protection you expect from it. If you’re not sure about your policy for any reason, your agent can help you get your questions answered.

For anyone who needs an auto insurance policy in the Matthews, NC area, JC Demo Insurance Group is here to help. Our agents understand the importance of having a quality vehicle policy and the peace of mind it brings. We can work with you to find the right coverage, allowing you to get back on the road confidently.

Does Everyone Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance is an essential type of investment you make into your home. There are differing opinions on home insurance and who needs it or doesn’t. At JC Demo Insurance Group, serving Matthews, NC, we want to help you better understand these matters. Keep reading to learn more. 

Is Home Insurance Required By Law?

Home insurance isn’t required by law in the same way that auto insurance is. However, most homes are under a mortgage, and most mortgage companies require that you have insurance on the house while the mortgage is active. This is to provide protection to the mortgage company as to you. 

What Happens Without Home Insurance?

You are running a significant financial risk if you do not have active home insurance. If the home is damaged or lost, the repairs or replacement of the house would be required out of your pocket. This could quickly put you and your family in a vulnerable financial position. You may even find yourself without a home and no other way to procure one. Housing instability is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Home insurance allows you to always have the peace of mind to provide a safe home for your family. Even if tragedy strikes and your home is lost due to damage, you will have the money to start rebuilding or purchasing your family a new home. This peace of mind is very valuable.

If you want to learn more about home insurance or any other insurance services, please contact us at JC Demo Insurance Group, serving Matthews, NC, and the surrounding areas. 

Do I Need General Liability Policies to Operate an Online Business?

Operating an online business is a great way to secure financial and personal independence with low overhead. However, while online entrepreneurs might enjoy cutting costs wherever possible, one thing you should still consider is general liability insurance.

Do I Need General Liability Insurance to Operate an Online Business?

Our team at JC Demo Insurance Group in Matthews, NC is experienced at tailoring commercial insurance policies to meet the exact needs of our clients, including those who operate an online-only business. One of the common types of insurance policies such companies need is general liability, and the following is a list of three great reasons why:

  1. Protect against a third-party claim. Brick-and-mortar businesses have a higher risk of bodily injury and property damage claims by third parties, but even if you never interact with a client face-to-face, you can still risk lawsuits. Third parties may initiate a claim against you alleging advertising injury or non-physical personal injury, such as defamation. General liability insurance protects you by covering legal costs and any judgments or settlements you might need to make in such cases.
  2. Meet contractual requirements. Some contracts you might enter with others, such as clients or vendors, will require you to show proof of general liability insurance. This builds trust with them and is a door opener overall for your online business.
  3. Cyber protection add-on policies. General liability insurance policies can include specialty online protections, such as data breaches and cybercrime coverage, that can give you and your clients confidence in your online company.

Learn More By Contacting Our Team at JC Demo Insurance Group

Don’t leave your Matthews, NC business open to lawsuits! Talk to one of our friendly agents at JC Demo Insurance Group today about your commercial insurance options.