Does commercial insurance cover damages from a termite infestation in Concord, North Carolina?

When you first open up a business you take great care into making sure that nothing can damage or destroy your business. As the owner you may even take out a commercial insurance policy to protect against losses and lawsuits related to business exposures. If you are wondering if your commercial policy protects against pest like termites, then there are some things that you will want to know in Concord, North Carolina.

Does Your Commercial Insurance Policy Protect Against Pest Infestations or Other Perils?

  • Any kind of insurance policy only protects from natural disasters. When a destructive pest invades your business in Charlotte or Matthews, North Carolina there is usually no benefits for this kind of peril.
  • Another thing that is not covered by traditional insurance is natural wear and tear. Buildings and homes wear out with time. Your insurance will not cover this kind of damage.
  • Termites are a pest that can affect many structures. When a building is sold are a home passes to a new owner there is usually a termite inspection done before the property can exchange hands.

If you own your business and are wondering what your commercial policy covers, then you will need to call your independent agent today. Commercial insurance policies can be built to cover your business completely. In order for you to have the benefits that you need, then call us today. As your agent we will be able to give you the information that you need to choose the coverage limits for your company. We can also answer any questions related to your commercial insurance policy.