Tips for Buying a Car as a Present in Matthews, NC

Chances are you’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping for the holidays. If you really want to go big this holiday, you should consider buying a car as a present for a loved one. Unfortunately, buying a car as a present isn’t as easy as it is often portrayed. Here are a few tips that will help you buy a car as a present in Matthews, NC.


When it comes to buying a car as a present, there is quite a bit of paperwork involved. You need to put the title for the car in the recipient’s name. Chances are you already purchased the vehicle in your own name. Therefore, you need to fill out paperwork to transfer the title. You can refer to North Carolina’s Department of Transportation for more information about this process. However, if you plan on giving the car to your loved one at the dealership, you may be able to put the car in the recipient’s name to begin with. This will allow you to skip the process of transferring the title to the recipient.

You also need to have the vehicle registered with the Department of Transportation. There must also be an auto insurance policy for the car that meets North Carolina’s minimum requirements. JC Demo Insurance Group is one example of an auto insurance company that services North Carolina and may be able to meet your needs. 


You also want to keep finances in mind when it comes to buying a car as a present is finances. For example, you might have to pay a federal gift tax for the car. The cost of auto insurance should also be kept in mind. Therefore, it is a good idea to get an auto insurance quote from the JC Demo Insurance Group before you purchase the vehicle as a present to ensure that you make an affordable choice.