Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

Commercial auto insurance policies sometimes cost more than personal ones.  For many companies in Matthews, NC, a personal policy doesn’t provide enough coverage. Businesses typically need to carry a commercial one. Here’s why, along with how to find a commercial policy that isn’t too much more than a personal auto policy.

Why Businesses Need Commercial Auto Insurance

Companies should a carry commercial auto insurance policy, because they need the enhanced coverage that such a policy offers. Commercial auto insurance is required for:

  • vehicles that are owned by a company and not an individual
  • trucks that carry a commercial license
  • vehicles that need higher liability limits than personal policies usually offer

If any of these describe your company, then your business needs a commercial policy. This is the only way to insure a vehicle in your company name. It lets you insure any type of vehicle, including trucks that are larger than a pickup truck, at extremely high limits, should you need to carry such coverage.

How You Can Find Affordable Commercial Auto Insurance

Because commercial auto insurance often provides better coverage than the average personal policy, commercial coverage often costs a little more. At JC Demo Insurance Group, Inc., we can help you keep your premiums low, even when you purchase a commercial policy.  

Our independent agents will pull quotes from every company offering commercial coverage in Matthews, NC, and we’ll show you them side-by-side. With the help of an experienced, independent agent who works for you, not one of the insurers, you’ll be able to understand and compare each policy’s coverage and premiums. Then, you can select the best choice for your company. To get started, give us a call today.