Can I Insure my Caravan or Mobile Home Under my Regular Home Insurance Policy in Matthews, North Carolina?

A homeowners insurance policy is designed to protect a house, condo or similar structure that you purchase. Although you may live in a caravan or mobile home in Matthews, North Carolina, a homeowner’s policy is not the right type of insurance plan for the vehicle.

Ability to Move the Structure

The key reason that a homeowner’s insurance policy is not appropriate for a motor home of any type is the possibility of getting into an accident on the road. When you move your home, it is possible that you will get into an accident. As a result, the possibility of liability claims and the risk of damage is much higher than the risks associated with a house.

Motor Home Insurance

When you purchase a mobile home, it is important to find coverage that is specifically designed to address the possible problems that may arise in the vehicle. Mobile home policies are the appropriate solution because the plan will cover road accidents, potential fires and other problems that are related to a house or a car.

A house that is mobile is not the same as a house that stays on the land. You need specialized insurance that can address all of the potential liability concerns, damages that may arise or dangers that are associated with the property.

A homeowner’s policy will not cover a caravan, even if that is where you live. The best way to find the coverage that you need when you own a mobile home is by working with an agent to compare your options and address all of you concerns. If you want to find the right policy for your property, then contact us today to talk to an independent agent.