How do I add more people on my motorbike insurance policy?

Finding the right motorbike insurance for your motorcycle in Charlotte, NC may be a simple task, but there are times when you will want to make adjustments to your policy. When you want to add a member of your household to your policy or when your life situation changes and you may allow another individual to ride your motorcycle, it is usually best to contact your insurer to make the changes that you need.

Evaluate Your Policy

Before you assume that you can add another individual to your current policy, read the details on your plan. Although most insurers will allow you to add a few individuals, there may be limitations on the number of people that can be covered under a single policy. Make sure that your insurer does not have any limitations or requirements before you assume that you can add the person.

Contact the Insurance Provider

Call the customer service number and talk to a representative of the company. Explain the situation and ask to add the other individual to your plan. You may be required to provide a motorcycle license before the individual is added. If your life situation has changed, then you may need to provide proof of the change like a marriage certificate or other official documents.

The insurer may be able to add the other individual to your policy without further documentation as long as you provide a license number to prove that the individual can ride a motorcycle.

There are times when you will want to make adjustments to your motorcycle policy to fit with changes in your life. In many cases, you can handle the changes over the phone or you may want to look for a new policy. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information.