Does my Homeowners Insurance Cover my Detached Garage in Concord, North Carolina? If yes, What Percenatage of it is Covered?

Homeowners insurance covers a wide range of potential problems that may arise. Depending on the policy, the exact details regarding what is covered in Concord, North Carolina may vary. Regardless of the specific details, most insurers will offer some protection under the basic policy for a detached garage.

Other Structures

Coverage for a house often includes a section for other structures that are kept on the property, but may not be attached to the house. For example, a detached garage or a shed would be classified as another structure under an insurance policy.

Although many insurers will protect the home from losses to other buildings or structures that are placed on the property, the exact amount of coverage may vary.

Typical Percentage

Since a detached garage is not part of the house, the amount of protection that is available is limited. In most cases, insurers will give a set percentage to pay for damaged to a structure that is in the yard or on the property. You may be able to claim up to 10 percent of the coverage amount, depending on the insurer and the specific details of the policy.

Although some insurers offer as much as 10 percent to pay for damages to a detached garage, every policy is different. Read through your policy to determine the exact percentage that the insurer covers and to find out if there are any exceptions that may make your claim ineligible.

Every insurance provider is different, so the details of a policy may vary. The best way to determine if you are covered and how much coverage you have on detached structures is by reading your policy. To learn more about home insurance options, contact us to talk to an independent agent.