Does Your Business Require Commercial Insurance?

The joy of having a successful business in North Carolina is fantastic. As you plan to expand the business to other cities, keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances such as the acts of God, lawsuits, theft, and fire can cause devastating consequences. JC Demo Insurance Group Inc. works with NC business community to manage such risks by providing commercial insurance coverage. 

If you are wondering if your business requires coverage, here is why:

Catastrophic Strikes
Unless your business is immune, you need commercial insurance. Catastrophes such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and fire strike when we least expect. Many companies have been closed forever due to such occurrences. 

Required by Law
If you have employees in your company, you are legally obliged to provide specific insurance covers. Some of them include workers compensation, disability coverage, and unemployment. Failure to have may lead to hefty fines, exclusion from most contracts and civil charges which are costly to bear.

Getting Sued 
We cannot shun the fact that we exist in a litigious society. One lawsuit can be devastating for your business. You may unknowingly cause an accident, breach a contract or disgruntle an employee and the next thing is appearing in court and boom, your business folds because of settlement and legal fees. 

Shows Credibility 
Let us be honest with each other. Business is a safe bet. The best way to showcase your safety, dedication, and care to your prospective customers or client is by having commercial insurance for your company. They will partner with your happily knowing that you have their back.

Attracts Employees 
Employees look beyond what meets the eye when looking for a job.  While you are protecting your business, they are also looking out for their interest. It’s all part of life. With commercial insurance, they know their interests are protected which helps you retain them once employed.  

Does your business require commercial insurance? Get in touch with JC Demo Insurance Group Inc. proudly serving North Carolina residents.