Home Insurance for Your Historic Home

Founded during the 1800s, Matthews, NC offers many historic properties, but these require the coverage of a specific home insurance policy – an HO8 policy. The HO8 policy from JC Demo Insurance Group covers any architecturally significant home but most frequently gets purchased locally to cover older properties.

Which Homes Qualify for an HO8 Policy?

While owners of newly built homes typically choose HO3 policies, owners of homes designated for historical preservation purchase HO8 policies. Others qualify for this beneficial policy, though.

  • If you own a home built 50 years ago or more, your home may qualify for a historical policy. Some underwriters allow these policies for homes built as recently as 40 years ago.
  • Suppose you own an architecturally significant home, such as one designed by a world-famous architect or built in a unique style or with imported materials. In that case, your home may qualify for an HO8 policy.

What Makes an HO8 Policy Different?

A historical home policy offers replacement cost value for a historic or architecturally significant home. That means that if something happens to destroy the house you own, your policy would fully cover rebuilding it. 

So, if you import carved wood doors from Italy, and fire damages them, your HO8 policy covers replacing them – not with any old doors, but with new carved wood doors from Italy by the same artisan. An HO3 policy wouldn’t typically cover the replacement of the exact materials originally used.

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