How Will Auto Insurance Help Me If I Get Injured?

Since North Carolina is an at-fault state, your medical coverage will come from the other driver’s insurance if you were the victim. However, it is also a contributory negligence state, so you have to be 100 percent the victim in order to be covered. If there is proof that something was faulty in your driving, you may not have all of your medical expenses covered. Since it is a complicated matter, you should consult with an insurance expert in Matthews, NC (like JC Demo Insurance Group).

Medical Payments Coverage

If the other driver is fully at fault, then their insurance will give you medical payments coverage. This type of coverage will be able to pay for your copays and deductibles from your medical insurance. Necessary treatments that your insurance does not cover may also be covered. Even if you are without health insurance, MPC will pay your bills. If the other driver does not have auto insurance, which is illegal, they will still be legally required to pay your bills.

What You Should Never Do After An Accident

  •   Do not apologize and brush the incident off. You need to go through the proper routine of having the authorities involved and swapping insurance information. If you allow the driver to get away, they can then accuse you of causing the accident.
  • Do not accept any cash settlements outside of court.
  • Do not attempt to move injured persons until the authorities arrive.

Since the legal system can be tricky in this state, you should have an expert help you when making a claim. If you within the Matthews, NC area, consult with JC Demo Insurance Group to help you learn about medical claims with auto insurance.