Important factor when considering boat insurance in NC

North Carolina is a wonderland for boating, whether you enjoy going on the endless lakes, rivers, and streams that dot the state, or you want to head to the Atlantic Ocean and avail yourself of all the ocean front you can get your boat to. Boat insurance is not required in North Carolina, but it is highly recommended when you consider all of the benefits that come from holding it.

The first is that if you have an expensive boat, you’re not going to want to pay out of pocket for repairs. This is especially true if someone else hits your boat with their boat, jetski, or other water vehicle. It’s likely they don’t have insurance, so you are going to have to deal with the medical bills and property damage yourself.

Another thing to keep in mind is what happens if your boat gets damaged while it’s in storage. While you may think that either auto insurance or homeowners insurance will keep you safe, it’s just as likely that the insurance companies may refuse to pay for damages to the boat while it’s on the property. You can get around this by keeping your boat docked at a marina, which holds its own insurance, but it’s better to be in control of what happens if your boat gets damaged or is involved in an accident.

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