My business hasn’t turned a profit yet. Do I need commercial insurance?

Every business goes through periods of ups and downs.  This is especially true when a business is first establishing itself; the costs of advertising and new equipment can quickly eat through any profit that the business might make. For a business owner, this can be a particularly trying experience, and all too often they decide to look for other places to cut costs. Unfortunately, too many business owners make the decision to cut their commercial insurance coverage in order to save money.

The truth is that this relatively low-cost coverage is one of the last things that should be cut.  Commercial insurance is often the only thing that protects a business from criminal activity, natural disasters, and other catastrophic events. 

When a business is losing money, it’s often because it just made a big investment in property or equipment.  While it may appear as if there is no money being made, the truth is that profit will come as a result of the investment.  If something happens to that equipment, however, the entire investment is lost.  That prevents the business from ever turning a profit again.

Business owners should consider their commercial insurance as insurance for their investments rather than as a business expense on their equipment and inventory.  Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to save money on a commercial insurance policy.

Talk to the agents at JC Demo Insurance Group if you’re thinking about altering your commercial insurance. They can help you to look for discounts and make suggestions about what changes could be made to help your business to reduce its insurance costs.