My landlord claims that I have damaged the apartment and is keeping a part of my security deposit. Will the Matthews, NC renters insurance cover this loss?

Putting in a security deposit with your landlord in Matthews, North Carolina is a normal way to ensure that any damages to the property are paid after you move out. If damages were not related to normal wear and tear, then your landlord may keep a portion of the security deposit to pay for the damaged property. When this happens, you may or may not be able to make a claim on your renters insurance.

Different Situations

A homeowners plan that is designed for renters can cover very specific concerns. In general, renter’s insurance may cover liability, personal belongings and similar concerns. You may or may not be covered against the damages to the home that you rented, depending on the situation.

Every insurer offers policies that are appropriate for the company and the concerns that you want to address.

Causes of Damage

Since you may have some protection against certain losses, it is possible that the cause of the damage and the reason that the landlord is keeping the deposit may allow you to make a claim.

Damages that were caused by a fire, an accident or any similar situation may be covered by some insurers. The key is finding out what is covered and what is not based on the information provided in your insurance policy.

Renting an apartment can seem complicated, especially when you put in a deposit that you expect the landlord to return. Depending on the situation, you may or may not be able to recover the funds. Contact the JC Demo Insurance Group to talk to an independent agent for more information about your options and the claims process.