Premium Gas Vs Regular, What’s the Difference

Many people claim that it is necessary to run premium gas through your car at all times to protect the engine and to make sure it is performing at peak efficiency. That being said, premium gas normally runs at least ten cents higher in price than regular unleaded gasoline and many simply cannot afford that price raise. So what is the actual difference in these grades of gasoline, the answer is simpler than you might imagine.

The main difference between each grade of gasoline is the temperature at which the gas combusts to make your car run. Lower grade gas burns at a lower temperature meaning that it is likely to leave more residue in your engine which may end up making your car run worse over time. The higher the grade gasoline the higher temperature that it runs which means that it is going to burn cleaner and leave less residue behind.

Now this difference may or may not affect the performance of your car. Overall, using lower grade gas is not going to make a brand new car run like it is twenty years old. Over time lower grade gas may cause build up in your engine but with a great gas cleaner that is run through the gas lines every so often you can clean up this residue and get your car back to tip top shape.

Some engines do run better with a higher grade gasoline in them which means that it may be beneficial to use a higher grade gasoline. If you feel that your car needs premium gas by all means use premium but do not think that regular gas is going to ruin your car. Another important factor when driving is your insurance coverage. JC Demo Insurance Group can help you get the right coverage for you every time.