Renting a Car and Auto Insurance

It’s easy to forget how many benefits come with an auto insurance policy if one gets a comprehensive coverage plan for their vehicle. However, it becomes really clear what one is missing if instead, a driver chooses strict liability coverage just to meet the North Carolina insurance requirement minimums for public roads. Comprehensive coverage auto insurance doesn’t just protect from a variety of vehicle-related risks, it also tends to extend coverage to other vehicles a person drives, including rental cars.

Normally, if one goes to a rental car agency in Matthews, NC or elsewhere, the company will push its own coverage plan for temporary protection of the car or then hold the driver personally responsible for any damage. And if you think that’s avoidable, just a windshield crack from a flying pebble can be a $100 to $200 is costs to repair. So drivers end up having to take out a plan. However, if one has it included in his comprehensive coverage already in place, then the claim just goes to the personal auto insurance policy to address. And that can avoid a big, sudden expense at the end of a trip.

On the other hand, if your coverage for personal driving is the bare minimum, then it is unlikely that your auto insurance addresses coverage with a rental car as well. Such plans tend to be vehicle specific, but this is not a fast and solid rule. According to the folks at JC Demo Insurance Group, it varies from company to company, so the sure way to know is to read the terms of a coverage policy before renting a car.

For those in Matthews, NC who travels a lot by car, rental cars may just be a necessary fact of life. In that case, you should talk with the folks at JC Demo Insurance Group to make sure your coverage is inclusive of rental car use. You don’t want to be surprised after the fact.