Summer Road Trip? How to Stay Safe on the Road

As a native of Matthews, NC, you’re privy to beautiful scenic highways and byways for summer travels. North Carolina is a favorite hot spot for summer road trips, making it necessary to drive safely in order to enjoy your road trip to the full. If you’re planning a road trip this summer, these tips from JC Demo Insurance Group can help you stay safe on NC roads.  

Plan Ahead

Take time to plan your trip, choosing safe routes and reserving places to stay in advance so you’re not caught unprepared. Have alternate routes planned in case you run into road construction or heavy traffic due to an accident that can clog up the road. Share your plans with loved ones so they’re aware of your whereabouts in the event you have an accident or breakdown along the way.

Service Your Car

Service your car before leaving to ensure it’s road-ready. Check your fluids, tires, brakes, battery, hoses, signals, wipers, and lights. Pack an emergency kit to include a first aid kit, blankets, jumper cables, flares, tool kit, and other needs in case you run into trouble on the road. Don’t leave anything to chance. 

Drive Defensively

Drive carefully and defensively, enjoying your trip every step of the way. Stop and rest when you’re tired as drowsy driving increases your risk of accidents. Never drink and drive or take medications that can make you sleepy on the road. Stay within speed limits. Use signals when changing lanes or turning. Be considerate of other drivers to avoid problems with road rage.

Update Your Auto Insurance

Make sure you have the auto insurance protection you need for your summer travels. To update your auto coverage, contact your insurance specialists at JC Demo Insurance Group, serving residents in Matthews, NC.