Why auto insurance is a must in Matthews, NC

Located on the outskirts of Charlotte, Matthews, North Carolina is a suburb that allows residents to be close to all the good things a big city has to offer, but also distance themselves from all the bad things the city has as well. Because of this distance, however, most residents will need vehicles to get around, which means they will probably also need auto insurance of some kind. Below are some of the reasons why auto insurance is a must in Matthews, NC.


Everyone who drives in North Carolina needs auto insurance of some kind so that they can cover an accident that they cause, at the very least. If you don’t have auto insurance or proof of it while you are driving, you will get a ticket if you are pulled over and then still have to get auto insurance before you can legally drive again.


Auto insurance protects you financially while you are driving. If you don’t have it and are in an accident, you will have to pay for your vehicle’s damage, the other vehicle’s damage or property damage caused by the accident and any medical bills that are incurred from the accident as well out of your own pocket. This could easily be tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is enough to cripple you financially for a long time. So with auto insurance, this is no longer a concern.


Sometimes those involved in an accident want to sue for more money or damages. The auto insurance company will protect you from this lawsuit in most cases, rather than you having to deal with it yourself and being on the hook for payment if you lose.