How Important is Commercial Insurance in Charlotte, NC ?

Your business couldn’t be doing better, but you have an unfortunate situation where someone tripped and fell in your retail storefront. You don’t think it’s the biggest deal in the world at first, but they sue and you didn’t look into liability coverage for your business. Instead of putting all of your energy into your business, you’re in court day in and day out, looking at mounting legal expenses as you attempt to defend yourself in court and reach a fair settlement. You can avoid the massive financial hit that comes from lawsuits by looking into NC commercial insurance.

While liability is the primary reason to pick up commercial insurance, the benefits don’t end there. You can also get protection for situations that result in you being unable to conduct business normally, due to damage to your property or essential equipment. This is called loss of use insurance, and it helps to get you past unexpected disasters without having to shut your doors.

Another type of beneficial NC commercial insurance policy involves providing your vehicles with commercial coverage. This ups your coverage limits and protects any business equipment contained within the vehicles, instead of dealing with much lower limits on personal auto insurance policies. If you use many vehicles for your business, you can bring down the cost even further with fleet insurance.

Commercial insurance is designed to protect the business against any major problems that would blindside someone without financial protection. Talk to our independent agents in Charlotte, North Carolina to find out what NC commercial insurance options are appropriate for your business, budget, and way of life.