Does the Color of a Vehicle Change Insurance?

The color red has a bad reputation for being thought of as the color of vehicles that are involved in more accidents and whose drivers get more speeding tickets. That urban myth is not accurate. However, there are statistical differences in accident rates and traffic citations that are available regarding the color of vehicles.

Vehicle Color and Accidents

The most likely vehicle color to be involved in more accidents than other colors is black. Black-colored vehicles are difficult to see, especially at night, so they are involved in a higher proportion of accidents.

The next most likely colors for a vehicle that has more accidents are blue, gray, and silver. Darker blues, which are similar to black, are more difficult to see at night.

A red vehicle is only 7% more likely to have more accidents than the safest color for a vehicle, which is either yellow or white. The explanation of why yellow is safer is because bright yellow is a color that attracts more attention. It stands out from the surrounding environment.

A study in Australia found that white was the safest color. However, statistics from the USA show the color of white to be less safe than yellow. This determination considered the number of vehicles of a particular color that are on the road. White-colored vehicles make up 18% of the vehicles on American roads. They are involved in 25% of the accidents.

It turns out that the color of a vehicle is less of a factor in accidents than visibility and weather conditions. When thinking about getting a new car work, with your agent at JC Demo Insurance Group, serving Matthews, NC and the surrounding communities, to get insurance quotes for the various models under consideration.

Vehicle Color and Traffic Tickets

It turns out that red is not the most likely vehicle color to attract more traffic tickets. The top color for getting traffic tickets is white! Red is second. Gray is third and silver is fourth.

The model of a vehicle is a stronger influential factor than the color in getting traffic tickets. One study found that the top ticket-attracting models are Mercedes-Benz SL, Toyota Camry Solara, and Scion TC. These models are three or four times more likely to get a traffic ticket than other vehicles.

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