I have a Roommate who is not Listed Under my Homeowners Policy Moving into my House, Are her Belongings Covered Under my Insurance in Concord, North Carolina?

Although the belongings of a short-term guest in your home is usually covered under a Concord, North Carolina homeowners insurance policy, a roommate does not have the same level of protection. The reason is that the risk of their belongings being lost or stolen is much higher than a guest who is staying for a short period of time. If that individual is not listed on your policy, then it is unlikely that your roommate’s belongings are covered.

Renter’s Insurance

If you do not feel comfortable putting a roommate on your policy and you are renting a room, then that individual may be able to obtain renter’s insurance to protect her belongings. Her personal belongings are her responsibility and your insurance many not provide any protection as long as she is not listed.

Listing Individuals

Unless your roommate is also a family member, you may not be able to list her on your policy. Although insurers have different rules and company policies that they follow, the options to protect your roommate’s personal belongings may not include listing her on your policy.

Family members who move into your home, such as a sibling, a parent or even a cousin, might be eligible for you to list on your policy. Before you assume that your insurance will cover them, contact your insurer and read through your policy for any exceptions or details.

In most cases, a roommate is not covered under your home insurance policy. You may or may not be able to list the individual, depending on the situation, but it is usually a good idea to suggest that your roommate obtain renter’s insurance, which will protect her belongings and provide some liability protection. To learn more about homeowner’s insurance, contact us to talk to an independent agent.